The stripping of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s home in Gwarinpa, Abuja, went beyond mere burgling. It has since been  disclosed that all moveable items were removed from the house and apparently sold. The Police have since arrested their men on duty at the house as prime suspects.

That such a scale of robbery can take place with the police on duty is beyond belief. It brings to question the criteria used these days to recruit people into the Nigerian Police Force. It also makes one wonder if  Police authorities properly profile its officers and men sent on such sensitive assignment as guarding the property of a former leader of the country. It is expected that such officers would be people whose professionalism, loyalty and integrity are above reproach.

We expect the Force to spare no effort in unravelling those behind this shameful act and prosecute them, at least to demonstrate that they do not represent what the Police stand for as an institution. It is unfortunate that some Nigerians appear to bring their political and personal sentiments into this matter. No decent human being can claim that what took place in former President Jonathan’s house is excusable on any ground. All people of conscience must rise up and condemn evil, no matter who is involved. The atmosphere of hatred which seems to have seized the people of this country by the throat must be made to give way to empathy for one another, as that is the only way we can build a united, strong country.

No matter what grouses anyone might have against Dr Goodluck Jonathan, he has earned his place in the history of the country not only as one of its former leaders, but also as a pillar of our democracy. It was due to his gentle and patriotic disposition that the nation experienced a peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another in 2015. This was contrary to the belief then that it was impossible to defeat an incumbent Nigerian president. That has given us the confidence that any leader who becomes unpopular with Nigerians can be shown the door democratically.

We call on the relevant authorities to pay some attention to the issue of ethics among our market traders. It is only because there are ready buyers of stolen property that thieves and robbers are encouraged to engage in their ignoble trade.

Existing laws should be strengthened to demand more ethical consciousness among traders. The market unions can play a bigger role in ensuring that members do more to shun stolen property, and that those who are fond of doing so will be exposed to the law enforcement agencies.


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