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Kogi Governor is teaching PDP the art of governance – Aide

Director General on Media and Publicity to the Governor of Kogi State has told newsmen that the Governor is reshaping the state “left in tatters” by the PDP administration for 13 years.

Gov Yahaya Bello

Responding to allegations by a former Military Administrator and chieftain of the ruling PDP, Senator Tunde that the Governor is destroying the state, the Governor’s spokesman said what the Governor is destroying are the “factors which have held the state down like corruption, ghost workers syndrome and poor leadership”, saying the PDP should do a “soul searching and be sober”.

“Governor Yahaya Bello has been leading the state for 18 months. All we have seen is concrete departure from the past which was characterized by fraud, ghost workers syndrome, failed contracts and failed leadership.

“We have tremendous respect for Senator Tunde Ogbeha as a person. But that doesn’t stop us from disagreeing with his views, especially when they are not in tandem with the facts the Kogi people know.

“The Staff Verification Exercise wouldn’t have been necessary if the PDP administrations didn’t load our payrolls with ghost names to steal the commonwealth of the people of Kogi State. Imagine how many hospitals we would have built with the billions siphoned through ghost workers and how many lives have been lost because we didn’t have those health facilities.

“The PDP should apologize to the people of Kogi State for the 13 years of misfortune the party governed the state. It is unfair for the person who liter the environment with dirts to blame the cleaner for being slow. We are rebuilding Kogi from the ruins of the past”.

Fanwo said the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello has created more wealth and jobs in 18 months than what PDP created in 8 years, urging the people of the state to keep faith with the present administration.


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