August 18, 2017

Firm unveils app to ease banking transactions

By Christopher Njoku

The introduction of Cloud Automated Spend Bank Analysis, CASBA, an artificial intelligence solution developed by Josla Electric is expected to offer a new dimension of convenience and time saving by significantly cutting down on transaction problems, by making 24-hour banking possible.

The artificial intelligence solution, CASBA has an A.I robot called Kira, which has been infused into it for communication with users.

Speaking at the soft launch recently in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer of Josla Electric Company Limited, Akinlabi Ajelabi, said the solution is an application that incorporates cloud computing data strategy, digital applications and also cognitive computing, known as artificial intelligence.

He said: “We want to be able to interact with customers in a way that a machine can understand what you need to get done, and also helps you to get it done. The A.I  can keep you engaged as a customer, it can be connected to CRM systems, payment systems and more.

“The app will allow any person to open an account  in three minutes with the Biometric Verification Number. It is a 24/7 automated buyer help system. It helps one find dishing out machines from a location map.”

Also speaking, the business lead and co-founder, Akintola Adesomi, said CASBA is not going to push away the banks existing e-payment platform, but will be infused into those platforms for extreme efficiency.