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Black survival: New paradigms for an old problem

The Black race is mired in a state of war. But only one side is fighting. That, unfortunately, is our adversaries—our myriad competitors in the ceaseless struggle for survival.

Collectively, we are a carpet on which the world not only tramples but also empties its bowels, in contempt. Almost everywhere, a Black image invites aggression, symbolic and/or real.

Symbolically, foreign art-forms routinely assault the moral and aesthetic integrity of our kind, while the preferred pastimes of U.S. policemen appear to be gunning down Black men.

Racial survival

Below the Sahara, African states evince no strategic awareness—continuing to violate, all known rules of racial survival.

Hardly a whimper is heard, for instance, as China and India dump millions of their people into East and Central Africa, in what amounts to a surreptitious invasion.

When will our quiescence end? And after it ends, what then? Which new paradigms must we adopt, in formulating a modern survival strategy?

Lying beside me, as I type these lines, is a lucid prescription for a 21st century paradigm shift. It is inscribe in a 900-page biology text, which details the rules and principles that govern life on our planet.

Pressingly pertinent, are the precepts of evolutionary theory, with its emphasis on the reproductive process—the sequence of cultural and chemical events, that result in the successful rearing of offspring.

Evolutionary logic imposes a cardinal condition for species success: That being proficiency at sex and/or warfare. Inhibited mating and uncompetitive behavior, lead inexorably to group extinction.

Entitled Biology: Life On Earth, the text lists five “kingdoms” of living things–“monera,” “protists,”  “fungi,” “plants” and “animals”.

It makes no mention of “humans,” as a separate category—nor do any of the countless other credible sources I’ve consulted. Biologists invariably classify us as “mammals”.

Humans are, indeed, mammals: And mammals are animals! Hence we are subject to the same natural laws, and exhibit the same drives and instincts, as other members of the animal kingdom.

“We too are organisms,” write Teresa and Gerald Audesirk, the co-authors. “We evolved in response to the same sorts of survival needs.

“Our bodies and those of all other living creatures,” they continue, “consist of the same basic set of chemicals. The same processes allow us to survive and reproduce”.

Procreation is our reason for existence. But how can the “processes” that enable us to “survive and reproduce,” find expression in the arts, education, diplomacy, social policy, etc.?

Such questions are rarely, if ever, raised in public discourse—not to mention policy deliberations. Yet the ramifications are far-reaching and impinge heavily on African genetic and strategic interests.

Impervious to the precepts of biology, Blacks domiciled in North and South America, Asia and the Middle East are continuously cannibalized genetically, due to unprincipled reproductive behavior.

On the continent, evolutionary indifference has led to, among other things, ill-considered domestic priorities and outright childish diplomacy.

Lamentable examples include the suicidal mass importation of Asians, funding football and “Women’s Ministries” instead of investing in steel or arms factories and agreeing not to acquire nuclear weapons.

I alone, cannot offer definitive answers. But by exploring urgent issues, from a biological perspective, my aim is to encourage, and contribute to, a much-needed paradigm shift in Black thinking, globally.

In biological parlance, the time has long-since arrived, for our intellectuals, activists and political leaders to take a hemispheric leap—and join the rest of the world, in using the left side of the brain!

“Hemispheric,” in this context, refers to the brain’s physical and functional divide. Generally speaking, the right half accommodates emotions, while the left deals with analysis and projection.

Right hemisphere behavior sufficed in times past, because the issues were clear-cut and largely emotional. White “slaveholders,” “segregationists,” and “colonialists” presented visible moral targets.

But with “independence” and the end of apartheid in Africa and the removal of “No Negroes Or Dogs Allowed” signs in the U.S. South., visible targets started to vanish.

Alas, the leopard now prowls in antelope’s skin! This change has thrown Black elites, everywhere, into confusion, as threat-perception becomes increasingly complex—and more demanding intellectually.

Insights from science

The new paradigm impels us to use insights from science, to X-ray the leopard’s disguise. Theory, logic and racial self-interest—not moral declamations—must now inform and guide our struggle.

These essays, therefore, are intended as battlefield flares: Bursts of insight, ignited in Nigeria’s beclouded intellectual atmosphere, to illuminate survival issues and expose hidden racial threats.

By JK Obatala

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