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UNIC Foundation tasks FG on alarming rate of unemployment

LAGOS— Concerned over the alarming rate of unemployment in the country, Dr Christopher Imumolen, President UNIC Foundation, has called on the Federal Government to proffer immediate and lasting solution to the pressing need.

Imumolen, who spoke at a press briefing in Lagos, said the rate of unemployment in the country was disturbing, pointing out that statistics revealed that over 27 million Nigerian youths were unemployed, while over 70 million people were under-employed.

According to him, that number outweighs the number of the population in Ghana and Benin Republic.

He said:  “We are looking at a situation where we have a whole nation not employed in some other countries. So, we have over 27 million who live on less  than a dollar per day, and over 70 million people under employed. These are people who are working but by international standard practice are earning far less than what they ought to earn.

‘’This rate is alarming. Notable Nigerians ought to talk about it; we understand that the government has done their bit to help Nigerians in reducing the state of unemployment in the country, but more need to be done.”

He said the foundation would not blamed government for the suffering of the people but asked it (government) to look at the issue more critically.

He noted that the EndPower programme of the government which ought to provide jobs for only 300 people, had had over 2.3 million people applying.

This, according to him, proves the country is in a litmus situation which, if not controlled, may totally erode the value on education.

He said:   “Children      see their elders who have gone through education remaining unemployed for over five years, how can      they still believe that education is the key to success.

“ In a    country where we    have over 27 million unemployed there is    no way it can totally eradicate crime, there is no way it can wipe off armed robbery, insecurity, kidnapping and other vices in the nation.

“We at UNIC Foundation is asking why      the government should be spending so much money to eradicate crime rather than killing the prime      mover which is unemployment itself.

“The concern of Federal government to abolish crime cannot be      achieved by allocating much fund for security every year. The way out is to allocate some of these funds to solve unemployment issues in the country”

“The other day our organisation was talking about Badoo and the ills of jungle justice, in which a student who is a member of our    organisation was killed. We have to address these things from the root.

‘’Our advocacy against justice is now tied to people who are on the street, idle.    This has increased the rate of crime in the country. We have many unemployed in the country, but the issue is that, government, individual and corporate organization should come together to tackle this.’’


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