July 31, 2017

Trust only in Allah, Cleric charge Muslims

Trust only in Allah, Cleric charge Muslims

The Imam of Kamaldeen Mosque, Agbo-Oba, Ilorin, Ustaz Ahmad Katibi, has urged Muslims to always trust Almighty Allah and rely on prayers for solution to life problems.

Katibi, who gave the charge during an interview with  Newsmen in Ilorin on Monday ,added that prayer is the sword of Muslims and their means of survival in difficult situations.

He also urged Muslims to only rely and trust in Allah and not any of His creations, saying “There is nothing on earth desired by believers that cannot be achieved through prayer.

” Allah is the only one who can give and take. There is need for every Muslim to put trust in Him for expectations without any second thoughts.

“Stay away from sins and call on Allah. He will surely answer and grant your request. Prayer to God is very important and is also Ibadah to Allah, ” the cleric said.

The Cleric, however, advised Muslims to pray gently, saying that Allah told Prophet MUhammad (SAW) that he should not shout while praying.

“Prayer teaches Muslims to move closer to Allah and stay away from sins. Sadaqat (Alms giving) is very important after prayer as it is the back bone of the prayer, ” he stressed.