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July 15, 2017

How I lost my virginity to a one-night stand — Humblesmith

How I lost my virginity to a  one-night stand — Humblesmith



NTYCE entertainment act, Ekene Ijemba, fondly called ‘Humblesmith’, has confessed that he lost his virginity to a one-night stand after relocating to Lagos from Asaba. Judging from the hilarious experience he recounted to Showtime during an exclusive chat, the Osinachi crooner was obviously a newbie in Lagos, hence his naive loss of virginity to a mischievous Lagos girl who saw him as a johnny-just-come. While recounting his ordeal with the lady whom he referred to as his first and only date ever, he confirmed that sex is truly a sweet experience.

“I was a virgin till I left Ebonyi State; losing my virginity was fun for me, you know they say if you test new thing wey you never test before, you know as e dey be now, you go know whether e dey sweet or e dey bitter, whether you go continue and abi whether you go stop. For me it was a great experience, I’m still in contact with her; she commends my works, telling me she’s proud of me. She wasn’t my girlfriend but she was the first and only girl I ever dated”, he said.

When Showtime asked if he was ripe for the negative criticisms he might receive for revealing such information to the public, he boasted of having what it takes to contain any attack that may come from the social media or any other angle.

“This is business; this is entertainment so I’m ready for anything. Its better you say the truth, I believe it’s good to teach your kids the real thing, tell them the truth then they would sieve it and know which to apply in their lives, I don’t see anything bad in what I’ve said.”

On the ongoing drama between Wizkid and Davido, he said; “I love Davido and Wizkid , if they like make them dey fight dey go o, tell everybody I said so. If they want let them continue fighting, Humblesmith loves them to death. But they should not fight physically though. I love them and I’m praying for them.”