July 8, 2017

Heineken launches Nigerian spirit ad featuring Jidenna

Heineken launches Nigerian spirit ad featuring Jidenna

By Juliet Ebirim

Heineken Nigeria has just launched an ad featuring the Nigerian-American singer, Jidenna  Theodore Mobisson, known simply as Jidenna,  which highlights the parallels between the world’s most international brand – Heineken and Nigerians.

According to the  brand, it is their way of celebrating the Nigerian spirit, highlighting specifically, three qualities Heineken and Nigerians share in common, which are popularity, quality and family values.

Explaining the common bond, the brand management  maintains that the world ‘s  famous beer  can be found in 192 countries of the world, just as there are 80% chances of finding Nigerians in each of the countries

“Just as Nigerians have proven their mettle globally, deploying innovative ideas in solving problems, Heineken’s quality is also largely unmatched, with a guarantee of the same taste and quality anywhere in the world and of course the high family values share by Nigerians is also the core attribute of Heineken because it is family owned brand that understands the importance of family and traditional roots,” management says.