July 28, 2017

Electricity: Eight plants generate zero MW in 5 months

Electricity: Nigeria installs first commercial undergrid minigrid power project in Makoloki


By Ediri Ejoh

EIGHT electricity genera-tion plants in Nigeria generated zero megawatts per hour in five months, latest report from the National Bureau of Statistics has revealed. The generation companies (GENCOs) reported to have done zero MW out of the 25 included Afam (I-V), Trans-Amadi, Rivers IPP and AES Barge.

According to the power generation statistics for second quarter, Q2 ‘17, a total average of 2,503 GigaWatts per hour, GWH, of energy was generated by power stations. Egbin Power Plant was reported to have contributed about 11.22 percent share of the average energy generated, which represented the highest among the 25 power plants within the period under review.

NBS reported that daily energy generation attained a peak of 4,079 MW on May 29, 2017 and daily energy sent out on the same date was 4,014 MW. Similarly, the highest daily energy generated per hour attained a peak of 97,891 MWh on the same day and daily energy sent out per hour on the same date was 96,334 MWh, the highest level of energy generated and sent out in the month of May 2017 and in Q2 2017.

The report stated: “In April, energy generated, recorded a peak of 4,048MW on April 24, this year, with 3,989MW energy sent out. Also, 97,153 MWh was attained same day and 95,737MWh energy was sent out. Also on June 9, this year, energy generated was 3,961MW and 95,060MWh, while, 3,899MW and 93,566MWhwas sent out. However, the lowest daily energy generation, 2,679 MW, in Q2 2017 was attained on April 9, 2017 and daily energy sent out on that date was 2,638 MW. The lowest daily energy generation per hour was also attained on the same date. 64,299MWh was generated and 63,304MWh was sent out.”

Meanwhile, gas and water constraints were reported as being the major challenge to the country’s generation companies.