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Early school enrolment not a waste – Koiku

By Gabriel Olawale

MANAGING Director of Chessington Montesorri School in Lagos, Mrs. Folashade Koiku has urged parents to enrol their babies into schools early, as such decision should not be termed as waste of money but effort to help the babies develop intellectually.

Koiku, who spoke at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony of Chessington Montesorri School in Agege area of Lagos, said that there is no age limit to starting school even as she advocated for good learning environment.

“Nowadays, children need to be exposed to education as early as possible like poem, singing and language so that as they are growing up, he or she will speak correct English. For instance, if you keep your child in caregiver house where they don’t speak correct English, it will definitely have negative effect on such child.

“If a child grows up in the forest, he will never speak even at the age of three. But if you put them in human family and they listen to language every day, they learn how to speak that is why when a child is born, as soon possible they make the sign to speak by imitating every movement their parents make.

Koiku pointed out the need for friendly environment in both public and private school across the country with qualified teachers.  She said: “Provision of amenities such as desk for the pupils as some of them still sit on bare floor. Functional science and computer laboratory because when you get to some schools a student learning science didn’t even know what the shape of human body looks like because no skeleton in laboratory neither do they have chemical to perform experiment.”

She however called on government to invest more in improving the standard of education ,  noting that failure to do so will result in huge number of uneducated people which will make people to become poor.

“Nigeria government needs to take education to the next level, because when you see the standard of education falling it doesn’t actually give us any joy, particularly we educators .”




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