July 2, 2017

Be careful not to destroy your destiny

Be careful not to destroy your destiny

•Pastor Daramola

By Oloruntimilehin Daramola

PEOPLE consult spiritualists for different kinds of problems or fact-finding. There are three ways spiritual consultations are done. The traditionalist (herbalist or native doctor), Christian way (God appointed Prophet and Islamic spiritualist.) The traditionalist in Yoruba-speaking area consults the ifa oracle for people that need solutions to problems.

The ifa oracle traces back to events that happened in the client’s life. When the oracle is consulted, one of 16 traces appears, the herbalist or native doctor would tell the client the kind of person he/she is or what the person has done or is doing or what is likely to happen based on the trace of the oracle that appeared at that consulting moment.

Similarly in the Islamic religion, a person can be seen imprisoned or jailed innocently, the spiritualist would say it happened to one of the Islamic Prophets named Yusuf. A rich person lavishing his money on people, the Islamic spiritualist would say it happened to Prophet Aliyu.  In Christianity particularly when newborn baby is christened with a biblical name e.g. Peter, John, some powerful prophets of God would spiritually examine the baby: they do not give names to newborn babies ordinarily. For instance, I spiritually examine new babies on what they came with into the world before I give them Christian names.

•Pastor Daramola

People should be careful and do not attribute incidences to coincidences. Some times things happen to give warning of what is going to to happen. A man was complaining of serious stomach ache in my presence. I asked what he ate or drank. He said he did not eat or drink anything. I told him he had been poisoned. I asked further if he had travelled and if yes, what was his experience? He told me he saw snakes at four different points but at the fourth point at the entrance of his home town, the snake he saw had been killed.

I told him he was not vigilant and careful enough to know there was danger ahead of him. That the dead snake at the fourth point was an indication that he would encounter the person that would heal him of the poison. Imagine the signs of what had happened to this man. If a person is so vigilant and careful, he or she would escape danger but if not he or she would be a victim and that is not coincidence but a program-med and planned thing.

There was a king in the Scripture called Hezekiah. What happened to him was in his body and he did not sin but that was destiny and record. His destiny and record were to fall sick and die. Truly, he fell sick and when it was time for him to die, Prophet Isaiah was sent to him (Isaiah 38:1-6). It is the Prophet that will be sent to people because they would have seen the thing happening to you. God would have revealed to His prophets what would happen. Amos 3:7 says: “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants, the Prophets.”

Some time ago a newly born baby was brought to me. Immediately I saw that the baby would not live more than six years. I told the father to do something. Now the baby is under watch and monitor-ing. My prayer is that the things done for the baby will work because that is the record and destiny of the baby. A person can never succeed in life if he or she is doing another person’s job.

My prayer is that God will change your bad destiny to good ones. Prophet Isaiah delivered the message to king Hezekiah. The king cried unto Lord and requested God to look into his conduct and uprightness. God heard his plea and sent Isaiah back to him that his days had been elongated. This implies that a bad destiny can be changed, and a good one can also be changed and destroyed.

Samson had a good destiny but destroyed it through his gross disobedience to divine instruction (Judges13-16).

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