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Anambra election: Outcome of Kanu‘s consultations ‘ll determine everything – Ezeemo

By Johnbosco Agbakwuru
ABUJA – GOVERNORSHIP aspirant of the Progressive Peoples Alliance, PPA, in the forthcoming election in Anambra State, Chief Godwin Ezeemo has said that the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu was still consulting with stakeholders on the recent order that there should be no election in the state pending when referendum will be conducted in South East to determine whether Biafra will be a republic.

Godwin Ezeemo

Ezeemo said that there was nothing to worry about at the moment with the order as the outcome of the consultations would determine the next line of action.

The PPA Governorship aspirant who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Vanguard in Abuja after his consultations with the Anambra indigenes resident at the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, also enthused that he was yet to see any formidable opposition against him in the election.

He said that he was in the race to do things differently and that in his first one year in office; he would employ up to 20,000 youths of Anambra origin and make sure that he used money for the state for the provision of infrastructural development of the state.

Explaining on the election boycott order by the IPOB leader, he said, “I am sure Nnamdi Kanu is a Biafran and an Igbo man. He will put into consideration the interest of Ndigbo first in whatever he is doing and I am sure he is reasoning along that line.

“There is no way he can come out and do what he wants to do just by himself alone. He has to consult with the stakeholders and I am sure he is consulting. So whatever is the outcome of the consultations will determine what happens, there is nothing to worry about it at the moment.”

When asked whether he was not threatened by the opposition and money bags that have indicated interest to contest the election, he was yet to see any strong opposition that could truncate his chances of cursing home to victory.

He said, “For me, there is no formidable opposition against me in this election, there is none at all. The PDP (Peoples Democratic Party), we are yet to find anybody coming up anywhere, their case is not over until when it is over.

“So, I have not seen anybody to really judge how strong or how formidable the person is. So, I can’t judge the air, I can’t see anybody in the PDP at the moment coming up. Then APC, we have all the maybe the money bags, that is what you call them and we have all of them there.

“They are ex-PDP, they are there uploading and we are expecting explosion soon. After uploading, the next thing is explosion and after explosion, it is only one person that will come out and when that person comes out then I will see and we will be able to now judge the person’s ability.

“The incumbent governor from APGA, APGA as far as I am concern is in shambles because a lot of anomalies, things that are wrong have taken place. There is a deceit and non appreciations of good work done by different people have taken place and a lot of people are disgruntled. So, they are prepared to pull off the carpet under the feet of APGA, so where is the opposition?”

Speaking on why he wanted to be the governor of the state, the governorship hopeful said, “I want to be governor of Anambra state, I want to bring to the table every other thing the current administration has done and I want to do it in a better way.

“I want to use all the resources available in Anambra state to provide all the infrastructures in Anambra. I want to use the money within Anambra State to provide employment opportunities for the youths. I want to ensure that I provide conducive environment that will encourage investors either Anambrarians or those in the Diaspora to come into Anambra to invest.

“You know when they invest; they generate employment opportunities which will engage the youths and even the women. So, that is all I am going to do, it will be different from what these people (the present government) are doing.

“I will tell the Anambrarians the truth, I won’t tell one single lie, it is something different from what the government is doing. They are telling frivolous lies, telling people that they are exporting vegetables making five million dollars ($5m) every year when they are borrowing money (laughs), that is lies, I won’t tell the people lies. I will do something different.

“I will ensure that I will give free education from primary to JSS3 free so that no child from Anambra state will denied of having that basic education maybe because his or her parents cannot afford to pay school fees and the child stops. It is something different nobody has done. I will build stadia in the 21 local government areas of Anambra state.

“I will employ up to 20,000 youths of Anambra state in my first year in office which nobody has done. I will build roads linking all Anambra state, some of our people are not linked up, and they are cut off because of bad roads.”


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