June 28, 2017

Optometrist advises on regular eye check

Optometrist advises on regular eye check

Dr Samuel Udoetuk, an optometrist, has advised the public to embark on regular eye check in order to prevent blindness.

Udoetuk gave the advice in an interview with the Newsmen on Wednesday in Gwagwalada (FCT) at the free eye screening organised by J.A Eagle Hospital.

He said that the aim of the free eye screening was to educate and eradicate blindness in the rural areas where it was found to be common.
“To avoid blindness, a person should visit the hospital at least once in a year for proper eye check.

“And if anything is detected, it can be treated immediately to avoid complications that might lead to blindness.

“During any eye check, a lot of things will be looked out for to detect if there is any pathology in the eyes.’’

He listed some of the common eye diseases to include glaucoma, cataract,  long and shortsightedness among others.

According to him, glaucoma is an increased pressure called intraocular pressure of the eye; it could damage the optic nerve which transmits images to the brain.

Udoetuk said that if the damage continued, glaucoma could lead to permanent vision loss, adding that without treatment, glaucoma could cause total blindness within a few years.

He said; “cataract which is a clouding of the lens in the eye and which leads to decrease in vision, often developed slowly and could affect one or both eyes.

“In cataract, the patient may notice some symptoms such as faded colours, blurry vision, halos around light, trouble with bright lights and trouble seeing at night.’’

According to him, if any of these eye diseases is noticed early, it goes a long way in preventing possible cause of blindness.

He said the screening which would last for one week was another opportunity for residents of FCT to know their eye status.