June 4, 2017

Would you keep or abort pregnancy from sex with a man who forced you  against your wish?

Would you keep or abort pregnancy from sex with a man who forced you  against your wish?


By Ayo Onikoyi

In life, there are circumstances that stretch us to the limit. Just when you think you have all the answers to life’s many questions, you are faced with another that leaves you either speechless or clueless. So, what would a woman do with a pregnancy that came about as a result of forced intercourse? This is a question some of our entertainment stars dealt with in this special edition.

It depends on who’s involved — Titi Adeoye

•Titi Adeoye

Titi Adeoye is a Yoruba actress, who has featured in many high profile films. In her own opinion, she submits thus: “It depends on who is involved in this.

If the man happens to be my husband; I may not abort it. If he’s my boyfriend, I may or may not, depending on what I feel for him. If it happens that he’s a total stranger, for   example; an armed robber, I don’t have a choice other than to terminate it.

However, this is an area where religious beliefs may have to play some roles. And in that case, you may have to follow your faith. There is another scenario where a woman’s health condition may force her to keep the pregnancy.   So, like I said, its a kind of puzzle that depends on the situation around it.”

I would gun him down, if I had a gun — Semilore Salau

Semilore Salau is a budding Yoruba actress and producer. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Shemmy Unisex Salon. She has featured in many Yoruba films.

Reacting to the question she said it is impossible for her to keep the pregnancy. Saying, “How will I keep it. Somebody forcefully impregnated me and you expect me to keep it when we don’t have anything in common. If I have access to a gun, immediately   after the sex I can gun him down. Having sex with me forcefully is the same thing as rape.”

You will only bring a negative child into the world — Harmonee


Harmonee, born Susan Emike Ekwe, is an Afropop and dancehall singer who is rising fast in the music industry. She recently dropped a new single ‘Get Down’ as a follow up to her other singles like ‘Gat Your Back’, ‘Rolla’ and others.

In her own estimation, she believes having an intercourse under a compromised circumstance is a negative thing that can only bring negative result.

“There are two types of vibrations; positive and negative vibrations“, she said.  “A man who forces you to bed has a negative vibration, the process is negative, everything about it is negative. There is every probability you are gonna bring in a negative child into the world”

I can never enjoy what I was forced to do – Ayoola Opatola

Curvy and sexy Yoruba actress, Ayoola Opatola says she can’t even contemplate keeping the baby because, according to her, “I can never enjoy what I was forced to do. I can’t keep that kind of baby even though I need it badly, because whenever I think about it, it will give me serious heartache.

I will keep the child because it’s a gift from God — Queen Wokoma

An Ini Edo look-alike, Queen Wokoma hails from Rivers State and holds a degree in public administration from Abia State Polytechnic.

To her, regardless of the circumstance, a child is a gift from God.

“I will keep the child because a child is a gift from God. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, a child is a gift from God. I will keep the child,” she said.

This is a good case for abortion  — Habibat Jinad

Sexy Habibat  Jinad is a popular Yoruba actress and a TV host. In her own view, the pregnancy may be kept or terminated, depending on the situation.

“It’s not good to do an abortion though, in this case, this is what an abortion is meant for – an unwanted pregnancy. But if the person is good to me and just wanted to have sex at all costs because I was avoiding him, I would not terminate it if he’s ready to accept the responsibility.”