June 17, 2017

I’m prettier than 70% of Nigerian women – Bobrisky

Africa’s Male Barbie and Cross Dresser, Bobrisky

Nigerian male Barbie and Internet personality, Bobrisky, born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju has had to answer questions too many times about his sexuality that he just doesn’t give a damn anymore. Some have called him gay, while others toy with the idea of him being a transgender, but whatever dirt has been hurled at this male Ogun State indigene, he has remained resolute and ready to throw back his own punches.

Africa’s Male Barbie and Cross Dresser, Bobrisky

The guy, who once told Potpourri in a chat that both men and women envy him, has thrown a shade at Nigerian women, saying he is prettier than 70% of them, telling them to stop hating him and appreciate the fact that he is a successful entrepreneur.

In an Instagram post, he wrote: “I’m prettier than 70% women in Nigeria, so, please stop hating, come and learn from Bobrisky. Did I hear some of you saying I don’t have a pussy and breast? Oh sorry, what has your breast and pussy given you? Iphone and 100k? I am sorry for you. I don’t have any butt but my bae got me a Benz and a house. Some of you that have breast and pussy, have you asked yourself why your man still cheat on you. Awon Olodo. The day the bloggers will know my bae, chai, most of you girls will cry.”

Of course, Bobrisky has denied being gay, but more and more of his posts in recent times are running contrary to that.

When one of his followers told him he’s sick to have posted such, he simply replied, “ You are sick too, use your unfollow button, bastard”