By Chioma Obinna

Succour is on the way of Nigerian cancer patients, as a promoter of medical equipment for early cancer detection, Houston Holistic Health Company Limited, yesterday unveiled a biological risk marker called Breast Thermography in response to the cancer epidemic that consume about 80,000 lives annually in Nigeria.

Breast Thermography is an imaging technology that uses advanced computerized infrared camera systems to detect heat patterns in the breast and other parts of the body. Thermography is a change from sole dependence upon procedures that only provide detection of existing cancers to technologies that reflect early cancerous process itself that provide true screening test. Commenting, the Managing Director, Houston Holistic Health Company Limited, Dr. Gracie Chukwu. explained that  thermography will detect this abnormal heat patterns by scanning the breasts with a specialized infrared camera and analysing the information using sophisticated computer programs.

“These abnormal heat patterns are among the earliest known signs of a forming cancer. The machine can warn a woman of imminent cancer and other health problems within the body up to 10 years before any other test can detect it.

Breast Thermography is a high tech non-invasive sreening procedure designed to be used by women of all ages. The technology has been thoroughly researched for over 30 years and is USA-FDA approved for use in breast cancer screening in hospitals and private areas. Its unique ability to play a significant role in prevention of cancer is an impressive added benefit.

“The number of women who die from this disease will continue to increase if nothing is done to provide them with a true early warning system. With breast Thermography, women of all ages are given hope and a true early detection edge in the battle against breast cancer.” Chukwu stated.

“Thermography medical infrared imaging is very safe – no radiation – unlike mammogram. It’s even safe for pregnant and nursing women. It’s merely an image of the heat of the body unlike a mammogram, it doesn’t hurt.

“According to the World Health Organization, WHO,  Nigerian cancer death ratio of 4 in 5 is one of the most alarming in the world. For a country like Nigeria with a challenging health sector, the available records are truly troubling: over 100,000 Nigerians are diagnosed with cancer annually, about 80,000 die from this disease, that is, on the average 240 Nigerians die daily and 10 Nigerians every hour from this scourge. If a significant change in breast cancer mortality is to be realized, we must rethink what screening tests.“

She said WHO has urged health sector players to pay special attention to early diagnosis of cancer as most oncological disease are curable when identified early .

to stem the ugly tide and reverse the tragic trend stressing that many cancer cases are diagnosed too late.

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