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Evans: His taste, style, panache

By Ifeanyi okoli

ONE thing that even his victims can’t fault is his preference for anything classy. His looks, steps, and even comportment speak of grace and elegance.

That’s not all about the lighter side of the notorious Kidnap Kingpin, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans, whose activities had unleashed eternal pains on many.    Beyond his physical attributes, which set him apart from the everyday kidnapper, Evans loves good things money can buy.

Evans house in Ghana

Unlike Winston Churchill, who said: “My tastes are simple. I am easily satisfied with the best,” Evans’ tastes are not simple and he is never satisfied with the best.

Consider this:    His women, choice of abode, houses, cars, household items, are all super impressive.

His love for exquisite things the way he loves big money reflects in the quality of the aforementioned acquisitions.

With choice Sport Utility Vehicles, SUVs, like G-Wagon, Grand Cherokee, houses that are simply architectural masterpiece, designers clothing, and expensive mobile phones among others, the Nnewi-born kidnap suspect’s taste is awe-inspiring.

Evans Car

Little wonder, he tearfully described his Police cell as demeaning for someone of his ilk. What an illusion!

A detailed observation of his residence by Saturday Vanguard showed that just like his habit of going for super-rich victims, Evans spent money on glitzy household items. Virtually everything in his apartment is not just beautiful, but alluring

Of course, many may wonder why someone of his type could have such appetite in a society where criminal proceeds are often lavished on women and wine.

Perhaps, his background as the son of someone, who had affluence in the past, may be a factor.    Indeed, the picture of his father’s Nnewi home, which obviously may have been a cynosure in the 1980s, says much about the origin of Evans’ stunning appetite.


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