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Drinking water exposed to sunlight is dangerous to health

RESEARCH by microbiologists has shown that water packaged in plastic or sachet may not be bad for health. What they say is bad, however, is that plastic or sachet  reacts to sunlight and thus generates chemicals which are harmful to the body.

In essence, adverse effect of sunlight is possible if standards are not met, especially by manufacturers of sachet water. Sachet water (pure water) is the most abused product in this country. It is kept outside in the sun and in the rain. It has got to the extent that burglary container is made to keep it permanently outside.

As home makers, to keep you and your family safe, be careful about where you buy the water to drink in the house and what your children drink outside, especially at school. No one can be careful enough but do your best to avoid any eventuality because unclean and contaminated water is the cause of many illnesses that can be life – threatening.


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