June 19, 2017

We the citizens can take our country back

We the citizens can take our country back

Mammoth crowd that gathered at the PDP Registration Exercise and Visit of Alimodu Sheriff to Jigawa State on Monday, April 25, 2016.

By Ayodele Adio

“I am she who is called Pelewura…. . I will not starve in the country I was born in. “ – Alimotu Pelewura (1938).

IN 1940 a food control price scheme was designed by the commissioner in Lagos Captain AP Pullen, which soon became popularly known as the Pullen Scheme. It was aimed at controlling where food could be sold, who could sell and at what price it could be sold in other to create an advantage for  the European merchants at the detriment of local market women. These local women   saw   their   profits   eroded   by   this   scheme   and   were   taxed   further   by   the   colonial government. The Alaga of Ereko market, Alimotu Pelewura, would have none of it. She went round educating market women of their rights and with the help of the Iyalode of Lagos, Rabiatu Alaso Oke, they led series of massive protests, closed down the markets at intervals, signed several petitions and on the 18th of December 1940, at the Glover hall on customs street, the government reluctantly backed down from the  tax collection. A group of uneducated market women,   led   by   the   fearless   and   formidable   Pelewura   had   scored   a   huge   point   against  an oppressive colonial government.

It takes a people who know exactly what they want to turn around the fortunes of their country. In our case however, we have continually expended time and resources in oiling the “it’s our turn to rule” machine rather than what needs to be done. In forward thinking societies it is the “what” that produces the “who” and not the other way round. If we are desirous of any meaningful progress we must take off the scales of mediocrity and nepotism from our eyes and deeply reflect on our journey thus far as a country. If perhaps this reflection (and I strongly believe it would) brings us to the ultimate realisation that we have failed ourselves not for lack of opportunity or potential  but  from a  chronic  sense  of   negligence,  non-challance  and  a  complete  disdain  for discipline , then we must, out of relative obscurity, resolve to rescue our future.

The mission to rescue our nation is not another futile effort in search of a political Messiah, it is infact a clarion call to citizens leadership and a sense of complete ownership of our dear nation.

We are where we are today not just because a privileged few have stolen our collective wealth and mismanaged our resources but largely because we all have been Co conspirators with our damning silence. We cheered them on even when we could  not explain their sudden rise to wealth. Some of us gave them highly revered titles in our villages, universities showered them with   honorary   degrees,   churches   gave   them   front   row   seats   and   our royals   gave  out  their daughters in marriage . We all are guilty!!

I believe we have a chance to redeem ourselves and nation from the sorry mess it is today but we must act now, collectively and decisively. We must be fully persuaded that we deserve more than we  have  got thus  far.  We  must decide  within  ourselves  that  we  no  longer  want  to   raise donations  to  get   healthcare   for  our  loved   ones.  That  we  no   longer   have to fly  our   kids  to neighbouring countries to get a decent education. That we no longer want to fast and pray just to embark on a journey from Lagos to Ibadan. That we no longer want wheel barrows for our youth as economic empowerment life lines. That we are sick of the noise, pollution and over head costs of running generators. That what we want is not a perfect system but a system that works.

It took the irrepressible citizens of South Korea who felt cheated by their president Park Geun -hye thereby demanding for her impeachment and prosecution. She is currently facing trial after being impeached. Only a couple of months ago, the Romanian government passed a law that was seen to encourage corrupt practices in government , the people responded by taking to the streets in a mother of all strikes which saw the government retrace its steps. Whether it’s in Brazil, South   Korea   or   Romania,   citizens   collective   actions   have   constantly   reminded   people  in government who their true employers are.

Enough of this “sit-down look syndrome “ because as Charley Boy has constantly yelled, “Our  mumu don do “. In the words of Hilary Clinton :”….the fight isn’t over yet, we will have to push back on bad ideas and embrace good ones but we are reminded today that there is no substitute for standing up and defending our values”