June 14, 2017

She calls out her ex’s name during s3x

She calls out her ex’s name during s3x


By Bunmi

Dear Bunmi,

I’ve started going out with a woman who’s just been separated from her husband. She assures me she’s over with him but when we had s3x, she called out his name. This has left me thinking she’s still in love with her ex, even though she says she’s not. Should I believe her or leave her to get over him properly?


Julius, by e-mail.

Dear Julius,

You didn’t say how long she was with her husband but if it was a long time, she probably called out his name out of habit rather than anything more sinister.

It’s wtJ1er worrying, though, that she’s sleeping with you after just being separated from-fiusband. How long is just? Months? Weeks? Days?

‘Most people grieve the relationship they’re leaving while they’re still in it, so it could be your woman has emerged ready to date again almost immediately. But it is unusual and unhealthy to rush straight from a break-up into a new relationship without time to sort out what went wrong the first time. You clearly want to be more than a casual lover to your girlfriend, so ask her what it is she wants before you get hurt.