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Caging the Ijaw Egbesu

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke

THE spiritual essence and the teachings of Egbesu are uniform and immutable, yet its mystical presence, at the human level, is differently designated to reflect the kingdoms where its spirituality is sought and channelled. This is why we have Gbaraun Egbesu, Forupa Egbesu, Olodiama Egbesu, Tarakiri Egbesu, Oyakiri Egbesu, Egbema Egbesu, Osuwogbesu Egbesu,  Kolokuma Egbesu, Ekeremo (Ogulakiriya) Egbesu and Meindirimoagbegha Egbesu as there are equally different kings in charge of the mystical activities in all these temples of Egbesu.

The rituals of sin-confession and sanctification are religiously carried out in any temple of Egbesu. For any devotee of Egbesu who relapses into atrocities and transgressions after sanctification/purification rituals cannot escape the irreversible karma of Egbesu, as karma is one of the central operational principles of Egbesu. Egbesu could be differently designated in names in various kingdoms/clans in Ijaw but the spiritual potency, spiritual target, operational principles and spiritual achievements are identical.

More importantly, any king enthroned strictly according to the traditional norms of the people automatically assumes headship and kingship of the affairs of Egbesu. The utterances of such a king are always  action-filled because his words carry sacred commands of Egbesu. The office of a king is not for temperamental personalities as only psychologically stable, morally virile and philosophically mature and stable person is fit for the office, so kings would not be credited with impetuous destructive utterances borne out of anger in the discharge of their responsibilities.

As varied and mystically puzzling as the accounts on the earliest beginnings of Egbesu are,  the account of the Gbaraun kingdom reveals that Egbesu was given birth to by one breasted-woman whose husband was never known. At the time of the pregnancy and birth of this child satanic forces conspired to kill it because the child had been ordained to rule nations with a ROD OF IRON – a ROD OF IRON equivalent to the golden sword of Egbesu stolen from the temple of Egbesu in Oporoza by the Nigerian soldiers in 2017 during their delirious search for Niger Delta Avengers and Tompolo.

Combined Angelic forces fought and won the war, thus protecting the child from being devoured. It is this child satanic forces conspired to destroy at birth which some ignorant persons now tend to term a satanic force. Chapter twelve, verse 1-17 of the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible has a story that bears resemblance to this account though the story of how the Gbaraun Egbesu came into being had long existed before the Holy Bible was written; so by this biblical reference, it is no targeted intellectual casuistry systematically ideated to mystify Egbesu and gather VALIDITY VOTES for its spiritual authenticity using the Christian Holy Bible as a dependable authority.

The oral accounts on the origin of Egbesu are enough to establish the spiritual authenticity of Egbesuism which does not require any foreign version to uphold its validity. It is merely accidental that the Bible has a story identical to the origination point of the Ijaw Egbesu.

There is no guarantee of exactitude as to when Africans, even the so-called intellectuals, theologians, would be totally liberated from colonialism-inspired cobwebs of indoctrination. From the different parts of the world came religions such as Zoroastrianism, confucianism, shintoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and many others, just as there are different philosophical, mystical, socio-cultural, educational and theosophical organisations.

These religious and mystical organisations anchor on contact and communication with God using different approaches or routes, yet they enjoy popularity and compete for attention of the gullible minds of Africans. Africans would fit themselves into the various philosophical, theosophical, mystical and religious currents of these bodies with no cynical voices of interrogation (or inquisition?) raised at any. Yet, when Egbesuism sails into the world with its methodology, liturgy, spiritual, philosophical, mystical and theosophical manifestations rooted in purity, godliness, moral cleanliness, justice and orderliness in the society, it is subjected to derogatory insinuations of ungodliness, Satanism, demonism, paganism and violence when the truth and purity of Egbesuism can be distilled from the daily behavioural output and performance of the votaries.

This pathological inclination to harness productive energies on smug denigration of a mystical, philosophical and religious orientation rooted in Africa shows contours of an idle mind in varying degrees of degeneration – minds that clog the path to truth-discovery and eventual spiritual self-elevation and transformation on alternative route that leads to the  same God of Maika, Abraham, Funkekeme, Pondi, Bebenimibo, Otuaro, Elijah, Okpoze, Ododo, Ombutuaowei, Isaac, Jacob, Dugbo, Ekpemupolo, Serikoromo, Emiemokumo and Jasper Adaka Boro. Professor Soyinka is a genius at talking to this bunch of derogatory language users who claim superiority over methodological approach to God:

And our corrective strategy must be that whatever any religion parades or enlarges itself through the tactics of denigrating autochthonous  values, or indeed, obstructing the very search by others for truth, we then remind the purveyors of such aggressive “truths” of their own historic errors, contradictions, and human diminutions. It is our duty to remind them of the horrors they have inflicted on other peoples, of their costly spasms of intolerance, some of which continue even till today. Africa must remain the elephant of history, her memory should be accounted legendary because she has much to remember’ (The Credo of Being and Nothingness, 19).

No aspect of the teachings or codes of Egbesu demonstrates irreverence to God, or threatens societal cohabitation and peaceful co-existence, neither does any doctrine shows the materiality of God. Egbesu is invisible and is mystically contacted through the rituals of its votaries mediated by the King of Egbesu who positions himself in the temple and religiously carries out the rituals of appeasement and supplication for mystical empowerment to dislodge oppressive principalities in government. Government has the responsibility to hunt down monsters and where monsters do not exist, it would be senseless singing sorrowful songs of pulverization. Egbesu is not a physical entity subject to the laws of materiality. Spiritual entities are beyond the pulverization range of mortals. The invisibility and indestructibility of Egbesu place it above the pulverization agenda of the Nigerian Federal Government.  Nigeria is the problem of Nigeria;  Egbesu is not the problem, not even the other votaries of Egbesu. Egbesu, as a constructive force of justice, is beyond the killer arrows of mortals – much as its votaries who are denigrated and daily plotted against.

Distinct in its codes of purity, justice, truth, liturgy and methodology of communication with God, bury your heads in sanctified incantatory supplication so the egbesuical mysticism would penetrate this dead world and produce votaries, who, as unrepentant apostles of peace and development, would become agents of transformation. Let it once again snake through the bodies of the uninitiated and the ignoramuses that walking on the path of Egbesu does not strip you of your religious coat, nor does it give you coupon to hell because ANGELOLOGICAL studies reveal a hierarchically arranged nine categories of Angels. By codification and behavioural manifestations, Egbesu fits the highest categories of Angels. Its purity and the demonstrated purity of its votaries justly earn it the coupon of entrance. If it were not a supernatural force, the covert quests of enemies out to trace its roots and uproot it to consummate the pulverization agenda would have been successful. The success of such malevolent quests would have perpetually silenced the Niger Delta voices of agitation.

In a world menaced by proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, nuclear war-head accumulation and missile-testing, Egbesuism provides a potent neutralizer. Africans do not have the scientific and technological capacity to build nuclear weapons as a bulwark against aggression of any type. Egbesu uses mystical technology, metaphysical technology, to create accumulated power-base imbued with nuclear neutralizing capacity bound to protect African countries against attack from nuclear weapons. Nobody, not even born-again christians, pastors, read satanic meanings into the processes that lead to nuclear war-head accumulation and missile-testing in the world. Russia and United States have accumulated 7,500 and 7,200 nuclear weapons just like other countries with varying nuclear capabilities – France: 300, China: 250, United Kingdom: 215, Pakistan: 110, India: 100, Israel: 80 and North Korea: 10.

But when people open channels of communication with Egbesu for expression of spirituality as a basis for attunement with the cosmic forces, systematically develop feet of apprenticeship to the indigenous Egbesu-consolidated mystical technology required to build the neutralizing defensive mechanism or capability against nuclear,  biological and chemical weapons, Africans who should ideally applaud their technological breakthrough mystically attained as a thumbs-up for advancement in African Science and Technology devoid of Western base, they are the first to shower satanic epithets on Egbesuism in justification of the demand for caging it perpetually – even if that means caging Africa’s burgeoning Science and Technology metaphysically anchored. Are critics of Egbesuism not purblind – visually and intellectually? Must we always antagonize and ridicule our indigenous achievements in showy, vainglorious, claims of being unbeatably religious, intellectual and civilized? Is it not time we created a methodology to penetrate the mysteries around us and optimize the research-based results to bridge Africa’s technological gap and herald the transformation of the African continent?

In the temples of Egbesu the votaries undergo transformation through subjection to the processes of sanctification and internalization of its sacrosanct directional codes. Where crude elements are incinerated, refined alchemically into pure forms, must the method still be queried when no one queries how premium motor spirit (fuel) is refined provided the product passes the quality test? It could have been from the conventional refinery or the demonized indigenous local refinery. The method is only queried when the product is substandard. Must we cavil at devotees of Egbesu when they constitute no burden to God and the society?

We routinely give silence some avoidable discomfort when silence should be silenced over Africa-based spiritual matters. Whose sensibilities are assaulted when rams and goats are slaughtered ritualistically in appreciative celebration of Egbesu, and of the reinforced renewal of its powers showered on the believers? If you naively term this satanic, paganistic, what about the burning of palm fronds on Ash Wednesday in the Roman Catholic Church where the ashes are used to engrave or draw crosses on the foreheads of the believers? What about the ritualistic swinging of lit incense, the diffusion of the resultant aroma in the church for inhalation of all the devotees of God, as practiced in Roman Catholic churches and Celestial churches? Has anybody ever queried these mystical rituals enacted in different churches? Has any satanic colouration been given to these rituals when they are clearly on identical wavelength with Egbesuism?

Rather than impugn Egbesu the god of just war and frantically forward prescriptions to cage it, the god should be godded as a proud validation of the African indigenous spirituality immune to occidental and oriental religious influences. In a paper published in 28 December 2003 entitled ‘Harmonising The Faiths II’ delivered by Professor Wole Soyinka at an international congress of Dialogue on Civilization, Religions and Cultures organized by Unesco and the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Abuja, he raised a critical voice at the tendency to devalue, indignify, African spirituality and values – which I see as a clear reinforcement of my stand here:

I demand therefore that attention be paid to the possible validity of certain values that are being obscured by the dictates of the self-declared world religions, values that form the core of a humanistic ethic. It is purely diversionary tactics, grounded in nothing but the quicksands of loose attribution, to suggest that all who hold a position to the contrary are only creatures of Western indoctrination or adherents of one of the other rivaling world religions? Can we please agree to speak to one another, from within our own convictions, however formed, without recourse to distractions from east or west? Or was there nothing at all, only a vacuum on this continent to serve us as ethical guides before the advent of these triumphalist civilizations and religions (THE IBRD CENTRE).

Divine illumination interventions cutting across the apparent contradictions, complexities of life, values, spirituality of every hue, morality, opportunities of possible association with the spiritual vibrations of Venerated Masters who preserve knowledge through initiatory practices, the virtue of silence and isolation for development of spirituality, the governance of the universe by the three powers of Providence, Will  and Destiny, man as a triple being with a spirit, a soul and a body, man as a triple being with the faculties of Thought, Will and Action, man as a triple being with the head, the chest and the abdomen, the division of creation into the three parts of surcelestial Immensity which is made of four spheres, celestial Immensity which has a composition of seven planetary circles and the terrestrial World which has a composition of three numbers associated with three spirituous essences of sulphur, salt and mercury,  the prevarication of man, reintegration as the purpose of creation and humanity as the agents of reintegration, and the opportunities available for reconciliation with the Grand Architect of the Universe are resident in the book entitled ‘BOOK  OF MAN’. It is the only book written by the hand of God and so it is above any other book in intellectual and spiritual profundities. To fully understand this book and apply the knowledge intelligently to master the mysteries of creation and escape the waiting nets of prevarication, capability for depth-penetration of one’s heart coupled with the assumption of mastership over one’s heart must be cultivated and developed.


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