May 11, 2017

Nigeria’s major problem not corruption, says cleric

By Sam Eyoboka

GENERAL Overseer of Olivet Bible Church, Festac Town in Lagos, Pastor Owen Nlekwuwa has debunked popular notion that the major problem of Nigeria is corruption, arguing that if Nigeria can tackle tribalism, corruption in public service will be a thing of the past.

Addressing newsmen in his church office ahead of this year’s 5-day annual convention/foundation laying ceremony billed for May 10-14 at its headquarters on 6th Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos, the Imo State-born gospel preacher said: “Corruption is not the biggest problem of Nigeria. If you ask me the biggest problem of Nigeria, I will say it is tribalism and that is what gives birth to corruption.”

The convention titled Greater Grace 2017, Nlekwuwa, who is co-hosting with his wife, said the church is expecting Apostle Alexander Bamgbola and Rev. Jake Epelle who will speak on the theme; ‘Boundless’.

According to him, because of tribalism there is no patriotism at the centre and whoever gets to the office appropriate everything for hismself and kinsmen and nobody cares, stressing “corruption and others are just a bye-products of tribalism.

“If every Nigerian believes this is my country it will go a long way to solve several socio-political challenges confronting the nation.”

Nigeria is a heterogenious nation like Singapore was before the emergence Lee Kuan Yew as Prime Minister of Singapore in 1959, and one of the things he dealt with was tribalism. He made sure that they no longer think on tribal lines even when the people of Malaysia were lagging behind in some other areas, he called them and addressed their challenges and in no time there was cohesion,” Pastor Nlekwuwa said.

He maintained that Lee Kuan Yew was able to transform an erstwhile fishing village to a first world nation.