May 13, 2017

A mother’s lamentation before daughter’s freedom

A mother’s lamentation before daughter’s freedom

Madam Takai

By Angela Okpe in Maiduguri

The A mother of one of the abducted Chibok girls, Madam Rebecca Takai Nkeki, bared her sorrowful minds few days before the release of her daughter, Hauwa.   The middle-aged woman who developed high blood pressure over the abduction of her daughter lamented the fate that befell her family   to visitors at their home in Chibok Local government Area, Maiduguri, Borno state.

Madam Takai

Her daughter, Hauwa, was one of the 219 missing Chibok school girls abducted by Boko Haram, April 14,   2014.   During the encounter, the inscription of despair, fear, disappointment and regret all rolled into a ball of sorrow seized her face.

Mother speaks

“Hauwa used to be a kind, respectful and hardworking girl.  Anytime I pick up the broom to sweep the floor of the house, I remember that my daughter would have been the one doing it. She loved working. I sweep the floor myself everyday and every day, the memories of my child fill me with tears. Now I have high blood pressure,” at this point, she broke down in tears.

“I keep to myself a lot”, Mr Takai Nkeki, father of the abducted Hauwa Nkeki, said. “I break down emotionally anytime I see children, her mates, moving around,”   he added.   Both parents only hoped that Hauwa would come back to them someday.

And it came to pass

As if they had premonition of the good news that was to follow, few days later, their tears were dried by the news of the release of another batch of abducted girls from Chibok.   Happily, their dear daughter was among the 82 of the missing girls released last Saturday.