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He cares more for his friends

Dear Bunmi,

I like spending my free time with my boyfriend of seven months, but he always makes excuses to go off doing other things. He prefers to help his friends with their problems than staying with me.

If we do spend time together, his mind is not always there and he seems on edge. It’s as if I’m being punished for something. Do you think he still cares?

Folakemi, by e-mail.


Dear Folakemi,

You’re ignoring the obvious here – that your boyfriend simply isn’t as interested as you would want him to be. If he were, he would be more relaxed in your company than off it. And he wouldn’t find excuses for not spending his free time with you.

You need to ask yourself the possibility of his seeing someone else – that would explain his being edgy.

Plainly put, you may love him, but he doesn’t love you. So, however much this truth hurts, you’d be happier and more fulfilled without him.


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