May 27, 2017

End your war with Blackface, Zaaki advises 2face

By Rotimi Agbana

Veteran music top shot, Zaaki Azzay, has condemned the ongoing cold war between 2face and his former Plantashun Boyz singing mate, Blackface, who in recent times has been making so much noise about being responsible for 2face’s success. Zaaki, who has been a bit verbal on industry matters lately, advised 2face to make out time off his busy schedule to end the prolonged face-off between himself and Blackface. Speaking in a recent interview on the dispute which has gone sour, the veteran singer suggested that it would be beneficial to both parties if they could resolve their differences as soon as possible.

•Zaaki Azzay

“If I’m 2face and I’m to handle the situation, you definitely will not compare 2face and blackface; 2face is far more successful than Blackface. So I’m thinking that if I’m 2face, I will just find a way to settle Blackface once and for all; if it means settling him in a way that it will be made public so that anytime he starts anything everybody will blame him” he said.

According to Zaaki, Blackface has been making so much noise just because he has too much time on his hands. He stressed that 2face is too successful to have time to trade words with Blackface which is probably the reason Blackface has been gunning for a fight with him. “Blackface is still down there, that’s why he has the time to be talking. I think right now 2face doesn’t even have time because he is successful”, he said.