By Ephraim Oseji & Anino Aganbi

Government alone cannot solve the problems affecting Nigeria economically. This was said by Gilead Okolonkwo, MD, CEO of Beepmagnate International, during the launch of the firm in Lagos.

According to him, that is why the private sector should join government to solve the economic problems confronting the nation.  He explained that his company wants to do its bit to partner government.

Okolonkwo said: “Part of our drive is when you look at young graduates who have gone through the four walls of the university and, when they are out, there is no job. It has been my desire that even though government is trying it alone cannot solve the problems affecting us in Nigeria economically. So the role of Beepmagnate International through our products and services is to support the government. When the government says there are no jobs, we say there are jobs and that is why our digital product is on e-commerce.

We have carefully crafted out the Gold-club solution to advance our concept of e-commerce. Gold Club is a non-profit organization. Gold Club has looked at using technology, connected to our discount service and, because it is a life style, it is something that everyone is willing to embrace.    As an organization, we are going to negotiate traffic for discount.

Every organization is interested in increasing its sales and all we ask is if they are willing to offer discounts to our community”.Okolonkwo further stated, “Beepmagnate is the first of its kind in Nigeria. When we talk about offline payment technology, we want to look at the books. While the banks are still talking about internet for transactions, we are saying you can do transactions without the internet.

While people are still talking about PMD cards, we are talking about wristbands. We have a wristband which is part of our payment system. We are not relenting because we are thinking deep into the future. Our innovation in the real estate is that we want everybody to be connected to our crypto currency which is the bmcoin, whereby when you access a package of the coin, in no time, you should be able to gain access to owning your own property”.


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