Dear Bunmi

My 79-year-old father has dementia and I was advised to let him live with us out of concern for his well-being. While I love and respect him and wouldn’t want him to live with relatives who might ill-treat him, his behaviour is starting to become a bit of a problem – he has started walking around the house naked! I know he doesn’t do it on purpose but I don’t want my teenage daughters to have to see this on a regular basis.

My husband just thinks it’s funny and always have a good laugh about it. How could I stop it?

Debbie, by e-mail.

Dear Debbie,

Much as I sympathise with you, I don’t really think seeing their granddad in the buff will affect your daughters that much! In the meantime, have a chat with your daughters, explain what their granddad is going through and solicit their support to help him live the rest of his life a happy man – and tell that husband of yours to grow up!


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