May 8, 2017

Censors Board approves 62 movies for April 2017

•NFVCA boss, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas

By Benjamin Njoku

The National Film and Video Board,NFVCB, has verified and approved a total of 62 movies for the month of April 2017.

•NFVCA boss, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas

According to the Director of Film Censorship and Classification, Mrs Sa’adu  Fatyma,  a breakdown of the movies verified and approved for home viewership shows that  the English language category accounts for 74.2 percent or a total of 46 movies, followed by the Hausa language category with 10 movies.  A further perusal shows as follows; Yoruba language movies 3, Igbo language movies 2, Bini language movie 1 and Esan language movie each had none approved in the review period. In comparison to same period in March 2017, English language movies retained the pole position with 25 movies verified and approved, while Hausa and Yoruba language movies were 3 and 2 respectively. A total of 33 movies were verified and approved in a commensurate period in March 2017.

The approved movies are to be released with their respective consumer advisories of imitable technique, strong language, violence, drug abuse, and fetish rituals.

A further look at the verified and approved movies by their ratings showed that only one movie has the G rating, implying for general viewing, 18 movies were rated 15, meant only for persons 15 years and above and 43 movies were rated 18, meant for mature audiences.

The G-rated movie is titled Happy Fathers’ Day (English), while some of the 15 rated movies include; African Marriage (English), Hisabi( Hausa), Jenifa’s Diary Season (English), Love Me Forever(English) and Sogigun(Yoruba). Some of the 18 rated movies include, Cold Silence (English), Agha Omenala Megide Nwanyi (Igbo), Egbeje Oro (Yoruba), and Dna Fodio(Hausa).