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May 7, 2017

The Call, Raising Daughters in a Changing World, unveiled

The Call, Raising Daughters in a Changing World, unveiled

By Tare Youdeowei

In a bid to proffer solutions on the prevalent situations in the country today and also improve father-daughter relationship in the society, Chinedum Akiti-Diego has come up with two new books titled; “The Call” and “Raising Daughters in a Changing World” unveiled at her 40th birth day celebration in Lagos.

Akiti-Diego, a retired human relations expert describing the first book “The Call, as a clarion call to everyone who is alive, said; “Africans should stop accepting the wrong things in society and pick at least one problem they want to solve.

The book tells the story about a fictional country where everything is going wrong.  A family decides to relocat from m their place of abode in USA  to solve their home country’s problem. On their return, their daughter was kidnapped, raped and so many other things happen. They decided to look at the experience as something not to die over, but to make a difference.

“The book is basically my call to everyone in Nigeria to reflect on issues and take up responsibilities.

In the scond book, Raising Daughters in a Changing World, Chinedum wrote the 31-day devotional based on  her personal experience with her late father, Air Vice Marshall Akiti. “The book gives a step by step guide on building a healthy father-daughter relationship. It is based on memories of my relationship with my father, which other fathers can learn from,” she said. “There can be a good healthy relationship between fathers and daughters. The colourful book can also serve as a guide to parents who are seeking to mend their strained relationship with their daughters.

Akiti-Diego said; “It encompasses the bases; teach her to write, teach her to build her self-esteem, teach her to relate with people, teach her about the country, and teach her to fend for herself when trouble comes. I learnt all these and more from my father. It is not as if my father was perfect but he got it right with me. He was just himself and he lived his life to the fullest.”

Also seaking at the book launch, Director, Institute of National Transformation, Vincent Anigbogun, who reviewed  The Call said: “I see myself in this book. I spent 30 years in America. I always wanted to come home but my parents refused. I recommend students start up small study groups, preferably, movies should be done on this book. Most importantly, parents should get this book and put it in the hands of their children.”

Meanwhile, the two new books, graphically designed with attractive cover colours are chinedu’s attempt to make  bold statements about burning issues at home and in the nation that some people seem to ignore.