May 13, 2017

Arthur Jarvis: From a forest to an ivory tower

Arthur Jarvis: From a forest to an ivory tower


By Emmanuel   Una

Located some   twenty kilometres away from Calabar in the thick forest of Akpabuyo, Arthur Jarvis University, the first private university in Cross River State was flagged off during the MRS Winifred Oyo Ita, Head of Service of the federation, who cut the tape alongside the Obong of Calabar, Edidem Ekpo Out Abasi called on wealthy Nigerians   to put back into the society which made them rich by establishing institutions which can benefit the masses

She lauded the founder of the university, Arthur Jarvis Archibong, the son of the late military governor of Cross River State, Brigadier Dan Archibong for his courage and initiative in opening the school, which she said, will bring new vistas in education to the people of the state and the entire south- south

‘This young man, Arthur Jarvis has done what some of the most wealthy Nigerians have not done and it is important that the rich change   their attitude and establish institutions that can benefit the larger population in the country”

The Head of Service said education is the greatest weapon the society can provide the young ones and called on those with resources to invest in education not to shy away in order to provide   qualitative education to future leaders of the country.

“Education is the greatest weapon anyone can offer   the     youths of this country and in years to come the investment will prosper the lives of beneficiaries and it takes courage and favour from God to have such mindset which a lot of people are not ready because it takes a long time to make profit from it”.

According to Mrs Oyo Ita, someone with the right education could lose everything but what can bring such a person back to his or her feet is the knowledge acquired which can help him navigate   the person back to his or her feet.

“With education one can lose everything but the knowledge the person has acquired has the ability to bring him or her back to life”.

She said the one hundred first students who matriculated should be given the best to justify   their having faith in the school and that the foundation of the school should be built on God just like great schools like Harvard and Cambridge.

Arthur Jarvis University which was approved in November 2016 is the first private university in Cross River State and shas two faculties, Sciences and Arts