April 14, 2017

Torres: Griezmann doesn’t need to leave Atletico

Torres: Griezmann doesn’t need to leave Atletico

Fernando Torres has told the BBC that his teammate Antoine Griezmann doesn’t need to move clubs in order to realise his full potential. In the interview with Football Focus, Torres says: “Where are you going to go to improve what you have in Atletico?” he said. “Not many places in the world. I hope he can stay with us forever.”

Griezmann scored the equaliser last weekend’s derby against Real Madrid, and followed that up with the  winner from the penalty spot against Leicester in the Champions League  in mid-week, meaning his already soaring stock is higher than ever, with rumours of  mega-offers from several clubs, in particular Manchester United, swirling around the French international.

But Torres, back at his childhood club, doesn’t see the need for Griezmann to take up the possibility of moving. “It’s normal when young players become one of the best in the world, everyone wants to sign them, you can go to many other places in the world  but they cannot offer what Atlético can right now: competing in the league, competing in the Champions League, one of the most respected teams in Europe – so there is no reason to leave”, said El Niño.

As Torres quite rightly points out Atleti are were in the Champions League final last year, and he played in the Euro final with France, so it doesn’t appear that being at Atleti is holding Griezmann’s career back, though the winner’s medals may be yet to come.  “I think he realises how difficult it is to become champion, but he is right there”, said Torres, “He has the world in his hands.”