Dear Bunmi,

When I met my current girl-friend, I already had a relationship going. But this other girl just got up and went with one of my friends, leaving me with this new one, who isn’t a match on my ex as beauty goes. But she is kind, is a good cook and the sex with her is better than with my ex. She washes my clothes and even my car!

The problem is her plain looks. My ex always has this sneer on her face whenever we run into her and my friends believe I could do better. This girl has grown on me. I like the fact that she has a great respect for me.

She has a good job too and comes from a good family background. Should I just ignore what others think and settle down with her?

Chima, by e-mail.

Dear Chima,

You should really listen to your arguments against your settlement with this girl and see how vain you are. With all these attributes, you should be rushing her to the altar. What happened to the beauty you once dated? She ran off with your friend at the slightest opportunity.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and at the end of the day, you’ll be the one living with your future wife – not your friends.

You’re currently impressed by her attributes and in case you want to know, there is nothing like ugly. Even in the beast, says the adage, there is some beauty!


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