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Sacrifices are not forbidden if…

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By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

Sacrifice is something valua-ble or important given up as an offering to honour or appease a god or God Almighty. It is the giving up of something of great value to oneself for a special purpose. Christians call it offering while Muslims call it sakat (offering).

Our forefathers were doing sacrifice by slaughtering animals on iron pallets or rods and pour palm oil on it. In the Old Testa-ment sacrifices were offered to God by killing animals for the Lord or consumed by fire. There were different kinds of offerings e.g. sin-offering (Leviticus 4:1-35); guilt-offering (Leviticus 5:14-19): burnt-offering (Leviticus1:1-17); fellowship-offering (Leviticus 3:1-17). On each day animals were sacrificed to be burnt-offerings to God Exodus 29:38 “…This is what you are to offer on the altar regularly each day; two lambs a year old…”

•Pastor Daramola

Similarly in the New Testament, Jesus Christ shed his precious blood as sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary for atonement of our sins. John 1:29 says “The next day John saw Jesus coming towards him and said look the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”. Some people commit different atrocities and still think they are born again. Imagine people that are made to suffer, cry, and put in pains and agonies through  these atrocities. Are the people that committed these acts born again? No! Our forefathers offer sacrifi-ces to relax the hard time they were experiencing after making several consultations on what to do.

Now some people do not sub-scribe to sacrifice making and do not believe in it. Either by omiss-ion or commission some churches slaughter cows, cook rice with it to feed people. What they have done is sacrifice or offering. In Luke 14:12-14. Whenever a person desiring to offer food, it is advisable he/she give such items to the less privileged so that it will not seem to be an exchange or payback.

Sacrifices are not forbidden if they are not meant to perpetrate evil acts. For instance, a woman brought her pregnant daughter to me whom the medical doctor had scheduled for a caesarian operat-ion. But the spirit of God told me that she would not go through surgery and that the solution was for her to buy different types of fruits, in a tray or basin and place on her head praying; ”leaves drop from trees easily without stress that she should deliver safely without undergoing surgery or labour pains”. After the prayer she was instructed to give the fruits to little children by herself.

To God be the glory she delivered her baby before the evening of that day without undergoing operat-ion. What she did to have safe delivery was sacrificial.

Another instance is a pretty female chorister in a Pentecostal church for over two decades. Severally she had fasted and prayed and even the General Overseer of the church had prayed and done deliverance for her so that she could get married to no avail. Her mother became disturbed because she was about 40 years old and brought her to me for prayer and counselling. She did not want to participate in our discussion but I told them that if all the GOs in this world pray for her it would be to no avail because the spirit of God revealed to me that she had committed an abomination by having sexual intercourse with her uncle who broke her virginity and even aborted pregnancies for him.

Immediately, she knelt down and confessed that the affair took place whenever she was at her uncle’s place on holidays several years ago. I told them, she would have to go to their hometown and do what they do for cleansing of such abomination. The uncle who had traveled abroad was passing through the same dilemma. Eventually they traveled home and did the cleansing which involved sacrifices.

On their way back to Lagos, the commercial bus they were travelling in broke down and there was need for them to get alternative vehicle and while they were waiting, a BMW car stopped and the driver requested them to join him back to Lagos. In the course of their journey, the man gave her his complementary card and that was how their relationship started which eventually ended in a marriage blessed with children.

Imagine if had she failed to do the cleansing and say the blood of Jesus was enough for her, that Jesus had shed his blood on the cross as sacrifice for her sins, she will remain with the spell till the end of her life. Many people do not know that the blood of Jesus Christ is so precious that we are not fit to stand on it because of our atrocities and the blood stain in our hands.

Initially some churches condemn the use of different items such as handkerchief, water, anointing oil, soap etc. for deliverance and spiritual works. Now we see some pastors requesting people to bring these items to church or revival of crusade venues.

In my church, we use these items for spiritual works. Why are we deceiving ourselves? There are lots of things we can do to make God happy. If someone is financially incapacitated he/she can slaughter cow, prepare food and give to the less privileged people or buy new clothes and give to motherless babies and the poor. Brethren let us be believers and not deceivers.

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