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Disregard leads to destruction

By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

Disregard is a thing that people should not allow to be part of their life. What does disregard do? It destroys people. Disregard has done a lot in the lives of many people. For a person to think something will not happen and it eventually happens or a person thinks this thing is not like that and it is like that.

Disregard leads to destruction. A person cannot be destroyed unless he/she has done some-thing that warrants a curse. That behavior of curse is what is called disregard.

The Elders say disregard comes before destruction. Some people are fond of night crawling which is regarded as bad because darkness does not respect hon-orable person. When these per-sons disregard the warning not to crawl in the night, a day will come when he/she will encounter the danger of darkness.

It is pertinent to share with people true life experiences in the course of my counseling and interaction with people as a prophet of God. This is to encourage and influence people to amend and turn from their ungodly behaviours.

There was an elderly man in my town who invited me to his house while I was passing by. We had many discussions with other people present. He informed me that no court case particularly murder case that is brought to him that sees the light of the day.

According to him, what he does is to use charm and nail it on a tree. This was confirmed by those present during the discussion, who agreed that he had the power to change the course of justice in murder cases.

•Pastor Daramola

Instantly I told him that there are some murder cases that he would not be able to change the course of justice and that he should desist from doing such things. I warned him seriously.

In the evening of the same day, he reciprocated my visit to his house. While we were discussing and enjoying ourselves I reminded him of the warning and made him realize that it was the spirit of God that was sending the message to him.

Unfortunately, he disregarded the warning and continued with his behavior until the time when thunder struck and destroyed the tree he used to nail the cases against.

Immediately the tree was destroyed, he fell sick and shouting to people that his body from the toes to the head had been nailed. He was in this painful condition for seven years and when he was about to die he said it seemed his voice was nailed with the same nail he used to perpetrate his evil act and his heart was hot.

He said he preferred to die than to be subjected to further pains and agony and he died the same day. Why? He disregarded a lot. Another experience involved a lady who came with her mother for spiritual counseling concern-ing her traveling abroad to join her husband.

What was revealed to me by the Lord was not about her trip to London but what was to happen to her after joining her husband. I told her that I did not see her with any husband and children that she should do a victory work immediately.

She promised to come back and do it. It was a pity she failed to heed the message of God and even took me to be a fake prophet. About four years later, she came back to the country with her husband and two kids for the burial of her father-in-law.

On their way back to Lagos, they had an accident and her husband and one of the kids died instantly while she and the other kid were hospitalized. A few days later the other kid also died.

Now she was left alone and her mother passed on because of the disaster that befell her daughter.

She allowed her disregard to make the message of the Lord through his servant to come to pass. After five years she now moved to another man’s house unceremoniously and unnoticed. Now she is always requesting me to pray for her so that God can forgive her for disregarding what his servant told her. The incident is indelible in her mind till today.

The secret of people would not have been exposed. But excessive ways of doing things and disregard nature of the person expose the secret. If a person persistently does something secretly e.g. stealing the secret may not be exposed but if the person quickly thinks that there is need to stop stealing and he or she stops it. The person’s secret may never be exposed. But if he or she fails to stop, the secret will be exposed one day. In the same vein, if a prophet of God should tell somebody to desist from a certain behaviour and the person says someone has told him or her before and nothing happened. He or she is suppose to have the mind that something will happen or not and do what the Lord says through his prophet because there is nothing God does that is not revealed to his prophets Amos 3:7

“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophet.”

Anything that leads to destruction does not have time before God and there is no correction for destruction. Do whatever the Prophet of God tells you to do and when it is done then you will have peace of mind.

*Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola JP (BOSORO) is the founder, The Omnipotence Mission of God 08023020108, 08058110288. pastoroloruntimilehin


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