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SUCCESS RECIPE: The Law of Applied Effort


“All worthwhile achievements are amenable to hard work”

How could a “mere” laborer with little formal education and a meager income, rise to become an industrialist and the wealthiest man in the world in his time? Could it be that he walked along the way and stumbled on a million bucks?

Could it be that he had met an influential person who came along and raised him up from poverty to riches? Or could it be that he was born under a lucky star?

He revealed, “I had but little schooling, and I began my career on exactly the same basis that any other working man begins. I had no “pull”, no extra favors, no “rich uncle” to help me along, and no one to inspire me to promote myself into a more favorable economic status in life. The idea of doing so was entirely my own.

Moreover, I found the task to be comparatively easy. It consisted, mainly, of my taking possession of my own mind and using it with Definiteness of Purpose”. Let’s discover the secret of his achievement together.

When he was a laborer, he conceived of making and marketing steel. In his words, “First, I knew that I wanted to go into the making of steel. I whipped up that desire until it became a driving obsession with me. By this I mean that my desire drove me day and night.”

The young man started working on his dream by sharing his idea with a co-worker and a friend who had no financial resources but he had the mental capacity to recognize the potency of his dream and the willingness to join him in accomplishing it.

The two men persuaded two others; with vision, courage and initiative to buy into the idea of making and marketing of steel. This team with four men grew into what they called a Master Mind group consisting of more than twenty men who in turn persuaded other men with financial resources to supply the money for the full implementation of the idea.

Here’s the rub, “I demand riches in definite terms; I have a definite plan for acquiring riches; I am engaged in carrying out my plan, and I am giving an equivalent, in useful service, of the value of those riches I demand, while the others have no such plan or purpose.”

The man became the wealthiest in the world in his generation and he also gave out 90% of his wealth to elevate humanity. Most importantly, he gave out an intangible wealth to the world; the true philosophy upon which enduring success is built. He was the person that assigned, helped and inspired Napoleon Hill to organize these success principles for the benefit of humanity, in a book titled, “Think and Grow Rich”. His name was Andrew Carnegie.

Mental laziness hinders success. Many people go to jobs they don’t like; barely making ends meet. At the close of work they engage in unproductive activities; wishing things will change. But things do not change on their own accord; rather we are the ones that need to be changed. Many people go through life with the “vision” of struggling to survive. Hence, they get crumbs out of life.

The first step to getting the favorable breaks in life is to have a big picture for your life; demanding in specific terms and expecting the best from life. You must decide on the problem you want to solve; think through and come up with creative ideas. Mental work is superior to physical work.

In other words, working with your hands without exploring and utilizing the power of your mind will result in barely making a living. By employing your imagination, creativity and initiative alongside with working with your hands, you place a demand on life to release to you a greater reward.

The habit of going the extra mile is an indispensable asset in turning the wheel of fortune in your favor. Truly successful people assume great responsibility; they work longer hours and provide useful service in terms of quantity and quality. Therefore, to get more from life, you need to give more.

The habit of doing more than one is paid for with an excellent and harmonious attitude will open doors of opportunities and goodwill that enables you grow to the top.

Luck is a reward to those who invest their time rather than spend it; who invest their money rather than waste it. Luck is the dividends that accrue to those who seek opportunities to add value to life and make their lives count. Seneca observes, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

To excel in life, you must discover your talents, potentials or gifts. If you have the potential of becoming a painter but rather you get into the banking industry, you will not be fulfilled and work becomes drudgery. When you perform a task in alignment with your potentials, work becomes fun no matter how long or how hard you work.

You must also develop and improve yourself and your talent on a consistent basis until you become the master in your field.

Remember, when your body sweats; life will hand over to you peanuts but when your brain “sweats”; life will release to you its treasures. Therefore, luck is a matter of choice and not chance.


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