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Poly students develop hospital emergency notification system

By Nwachi Alexander Ugochukwu & Sareh Moseh

Student’s Of Electrical Engineering Department of the Federal Polytechnic,Bida have designed what is called a patient to doctor emergency notification system for hospitals.

The purpose of the patient to doctor emergency system is to notify doctors when there is an emergency. The device is made up of a transmitter and receiver .

Two students, Emmanuel Osarhumen and Olapade Olu Peter, explained that the transmitter uses a wireless signal and it covers the distance of 0-80km.

Their words; “The transmitter will be placed at the bed side of patients in each ward. When the patient requires the attention of the doctor he or she will press the red button on the transmitter. Meanwhile the receiver section consists of an LCD display and buzzer which is placed in the doctors office, when a patient presses the red button on the transmitter the doctor will receive a notification on the receiver section displaying the ward and bed. It also has a buzzer alarm in case the doctor falls asleep, the alarm will keep keep buzzing.”

Furthermore, they stated that a quest to save lives is their motivation. They also disclosed that the device is to reducing the cases of  nurses running to the doctors office in event of an emergency in a ward.

Emmanuel added; “My  motivation to carryout this work was that I went to a medical center to visit a sick friend and at night the patient in another ward started having crisis and the doctors attention was needed. There was nobody with the patient he was unable to walk or talk, I went to the ward and found him on the floor, this motivated me to develop this system.”

In the same vain the past Head Of Department Of Electrical Engineering Department, Engr. Abdulhraheem, who surprised the project, said he was really impressed with the students coming up with the idea; ” Hospitals really need this device in order to reduce the number of casualties in hospitals, because with this device all you need to do is to press the button and the doctor sees the notification and comes to your aid.



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