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Buhari can’t take us to the promised land – Afejuku

By Gabriel Enogholase

WHAT is your assessment of the present situation in the country given your past assertions against former President Jonathan?

Please let us not talk about former President Jonathan. Let us leave him where he is now. We are lucky that he was forced to give up power at the time he was forced out. I won’t say more than this. Regarding our current political landscape, the corruption of the pre-Buhari ascendancy is still very much around; the plague cannot be wished away just because Buhari has been fumigating everywhere that his anti-corruption nostrils direct him to. Let’s keep this topic in abeyance.

Nigeria was dying, very slowly and in great agony before Buhari entered the chambers of his presidential destiny. He entered the chambers with some necessarily tainted persons who were needed (and are still needed) to serve his purpose until they themselves are shut and shot out of reckoning. Study a little the mentality of Buhari’s kitchen cabinet, and you will observe that the immediately striking thing is their negative attitude about the preceding regime that tends to blind them to constructive suggestion.

Affejuku… Clark has no case

Because Dr. Jonathan was perceived as an Ijaw president, President Buhari is being brain-washed to function as a Northern sectional president who must deny presidential assets and fairness to some sections of our country. They don’t seem to understand that their empire will soon become simply stagnant, that it will soon cease to develop and fall to pieces.

So you are saying President Buhari hasn’t the capacity to take Nigeria to the promised-land even though you are on record as one of his pre-election backers?

This regime, this order, has broken our faith and emotions. This regime has broken our morale. The luck it has so far is that the preceding order is still being blamed for our current woes, but it is clear to many of us in my circle that this regime has no promised-land to take our country to. Buhari and his team are marked characteristically by the emotional shallowness of people who live in a world of thoughts and ideas and have small contact with physical reality.

What is your comment on the economic situation in the land?

Let me say this: many egg-heads who are part of the new order are imposing their constipated view of economics on Nigeria. Who are these people? Who are these members or egg-heads? They are over-learned and under-learned men, in babaringa and agbada, black-suits and different hats, who describe and everyone describes, as “intellectuals,” who monopolise our economic lives. They have commercialized everything selfishly and crippled our economic morale. There is no middle class in our country any more.



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