February 16, 2017

Wakanow set to launch commercial operations in UK

Wakanow set to launch commercial operations in UK

Obinna Ekezie, Founder and Group Managing Director, Wakanow

By Chris Onuoha

In a bid to consolidate its foray into Europe market, Wakanow, Africa’s fast-rising tourism giant and Nigeria’s No.1 online travel company has announced plans to formally launch commercial operations in the United Kingdom, as part of her efforts for global expansion.

This is coming barely few months after it launched DestinationsAfrica(R), a global booking platform that aggregates the best of African packaged holidays from over 23 African countries.

Speaking ahead of the launch which is slated for March this year, Obinna Ekezie, founder/ group managing director, Wakanow, said the new addition to the travel brand would allow the company to serve the European markets and demonstrate its capacity to compete favorably on the global stage.

Obinna Ekezie, Founder and Group Managing Director, Wakanow

“We are very delighted about the forthcoming launch of Wakanow UK, and this excitement stems from our conviction that this addition has the capacity to offer something different to the European market when it comes to travelling into Africa. Our protocol services into Africa is built on very strong relationships and will ensure our prospective customers get the most hitch-free and hassle-free movement in and out of the continent.

“Wakanow has honed her skills in African travel over the last 8 years and will bring that to bear in not only offering best priced deals but making sure that her interactions with these travelers will deliver a more positive narrative for African businesses”.

He explained that currently, a good number of bookings on the Wakanow Nigeria booking portal, were coming from the UK and other countries outside of Nigeria and it was therefore a natural progression for Wakanow to cater for this market.

He further stated that, “Not only are we going to replicate the same excellent customer service for which the Wakanow brand is known for, but we are also going to take the lead in expanding the frontiers of travel and driving significant traffic to Africa through our broad mix of custom-fit and themed vacation offerings available on our DestinationsAfrica platform.

“We will leverage our vast knowledge of the African space and her wealth of untapped destinations to create exclusive travel products that offer fresh and incredible experiences for our customers.”

The Wakanow UK launch will herald the opening of several other Wakanow offices across Africa, with Wakanow Kenya and Wakanow South Africa already under way. Riding on the back of advanced technology, Wakanow will “switch on” her online booking portals in six other African countries including Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Tanzania. Other countries include Dubai and the US.

Wakanow, which already operates commercial offices in Nigeria, Ghana and service outlets in Dubai and the UK, will launch its office in the UK, showcasing a cutting-edge booking portal that will offer flights and hotel bookings and Transfers/Protocol services, for intra-Europe travel as well as for outbound travel into Africa. The office will make its debut in Surrey, London.

The UK booking portal will ride on the crest of Wakanow’s well-tested innovative technologies and service excellence to extend the traditional African warm welcome to millions of travelers looking for efficient and well-priced travel packages into and around Africa and Europe.