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Vox Pop:‘Why we prefer Mile 12 Market’

By Chris Onuoha

DURING WO’s visit to Mile 12 Market, some buyers shared with us reasons they prefer Mile 12 to any other market in Lagos State when it comes to purchasing food items.

Nkechi Osita, Businesswoman

In the Mile 12 market, things are a bit the same. Although the prices are higher compared to before, but the goods are affordable and it also depends on your purchasing power. You can only buy according to your pocket but will be sure of getting your money’s worth here in Mile 12 market. The economy is bad- everyone knows that but Mile 12 still remains the only market you can buy food items cheap.

Jonathan Iyieke, Legal practitioner, J.J. Iyieke & Co.,

For food items as far as Lagos is concerned, Mile 12 remains the best place to shop aside Oyingbo market. Oyingbo market is good but Mile 12 market still remains the biggest so far. It is the only place you can buy things as genuine as it comes from farm or transported by the producers. As you can see, I had to stop over while driving past to buy food items. If I don’t pick them now, my wife will definitely send me back or ask me to bring her back to this place to pick same things I should have bought on my way. 

Angela Fejoku, Caterer, Magrelos Eatery

I live around Mile 12 neighbourhood and I work for an eatery company, Magrelos. Mile 12 is the best place I can get what I want when it comes to quality and good price. I can get everything I want from here than any other place in Lagos. For the things I bought here, they are cheap, although still expensive but compared to other markets. Considering that my purchases are for commercial purposes, it’s a bit safer and more economical here than other markets in Lagos.

Evangelist Olayemi Abass

I do not live around but I always come to get food needs here. This is where you can get everything you want. It is the headquarters of food market in Lagos State for now and even people from other states like Ogun, Oyo come to buy food items from here.

Everything in Nigeria is costly now and people are finding it difficult to cope as before, but Mile 12 market still remains the only place you can buy things cheap. The market is easily accessible and transportation to your home is also easy to get here. More so, the marketers are friendly and would not cheat you or give you bad or spoiled food items.


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