Certainly, the mood right now is all about St. Valentine’s Day, with lovers gearing up to get creative in the way they express love to their partners. The general idea is that the day is special and hardly can anything go wrong. How wrong? This compilation of St. Valentine’s experiences tell the gritty side of the day, as our screen goddesses share their sweet and sour Valentine’s stories. (This is an updated version)

By Ayo Onikoyi

I lost my virginity on Val’s day — Adediwura Blarkgold

Sexy Yoruba actress, Adediwura ‘Blarkgold’ Adesegha, has long been separated from husband whom she bore a cute son. Recalling her most unforgettable St. Valentine’s experience, Adediwura revealed the most indelible in her mind was the one spent with father of her only son, couple of years back that led to her losing her virginity as a woman.

Laughing, she stated matter-of-factly, “My most unforgettable Valentine was when my pride as a lady went down the lagoon – I was deflowered!”

“I can never forget that experience because it was a great turning point in my life and I smile each time I remember because it was earned by the father of my child” she added.

I’m not a fan of St. Valentine’s day — Bimbo Thomas

Voluptuous Yoruba actress of Jenifa fame, Bimbo Thomas doesn’t mince words when it comes to how she feels about things. For her, its not the window dressing of caginess and deception. When asked about her most unforgettable St. Valentine’s experience, she spewed it out like steaming hot tea she mistakenly swallowed.

“Sincerely, I’m not a fan of St. Valentine’s day and the mentality of gift presentation on that day but I believe in love and I show it all the time. Most memorable St. Valentine’s day has always been with folks and friends not particularly with a lover. I once spent my St. Valentine’s day at the Home of the less-privileged children at Anthony Village. That day, I was fulfilled that I was able to put a smile on their faces and   showed them love” she said.

I caught my boyfriend kissing my friend– Nazareth Bako

For Fulani blooded Nazareth Jesse Bako, every St. Valentine’s Day comes with a nostalgic sweet and sour feeling. Though she still looks forward to the day as a person who believes in love but there are two separate experiences she would never forget in a hurry.
“I had two Valentines that I will never forget: ,one was good and the other, very bad experience. Let me start with the bad one “ she stated
“I caught my boyfriend kissing my friend at my own Valentine’s party years back,so I stop celebrating Val with a boyfriend. All I do on Val’s day is celebrate alone; either I go to party with others or stay at home. Sometimes, if I am closer home I do the Val with my grandma” she explained.

I gave him a wonderful massage after candlelight dinner – Ogechi Peters

Captivating Nollywood beauty, Ogechi Peters, once told Potpourri her ambition is “ to be better than the best, and to get to the level where I will be helping people, especially the younger ones”. And this makes her sound like one who will be too focused on life without a light side to her person. But the ‘Faithful Sin’ star has a romantic side even though she had stated emphatically that she would never go nude for a movie role and she shared her most memorable t Valentine’s day experience.
“Last Valentine’s day was my most memorable. When I got home from work, my man, had our room set up with a candlelight table for two. He is not a cook but he made an awesome meal. After enjoying a candlelight dinner for two at home, I gave him a massage and saw this wonderful romantic movie. Trust me it was lit. It was a good night,” she beamed.

My boyfriend told me he was taking another girl out — Habibat Jinad

Fast-rising Yoruba actress Habibat Jinad, still has a bitter taste in her mouth she is finding hard to spit away as far as St Valentines day is concerned.
“I will not lie to you, I don’t have any good Val’s day” she began. “Yes, there was a time, I think its year 2010, my boyfriend told me physically that he wanted to go out with another girl on the Val’s day. I thought he was joking until I went out on my own with my female friend and I saw him with another girl for real. This guy had nothing when I met him and I stood by him, when money came he started going out with other women. Since then I don’t really see St. Valentine Day as anything so special”

My Val gave me a breakfast of omelet made in my name – Lizzy Gold Onuwaje

Up and up Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, has a Valentine story that would make many of her peers go green with envy. The former Miss Delta State has got style and it appears this has caught on with any man who has got within an inch of her heart. Her story has a fairytale ring to it but in a most splendid manner.
Hear her:”My most unforgettable Valentine experience was two years ago. A day to the Valentine I was with my man and there was no clue he was going to celebrate it. He kept telling me Valentine is like every other day, that there is no big deal about it, that, what matters most is the fact that he loves me. But on that Valentine morning he woke me up with a breakfast of omelet and bread that spelt my name with the catchy headline ‘ I Love Lizzygold ‘. You can imagine using egg and bread to spell my name. Don’t know how he did it but am sure he asked his cook to do it. Then after that he gave me a set of my favourite perfume ‘Thierry Mugler’. He knows I love it”

My ex beat me blue and black for answering a call — Ginika Maureen
Sexy Nollywood actress, Ginika Maureen, is one of the people who does not look to St. Valentines day with much relish because the day brings to her mind so much dread and fear. The last and only one she celebrated, according to her, ended in a disaster.
“ The Val I will never forget was the one my ex beat me blue and black because I answered a call. A toaster called me and was wishing me happy Val with my ex listening. It was in the car he gave me the first slap. Next, he took me home and gave me the beating of my life and it was bad that I couldn’t do anything. He left me in the house, went out and later came back with a girl. All the Val gifts he bought for me he gave them to her. It was so bad that I cried all day. Till date I don’t know what Val is, because I hate Valentine’s days” she narrated gloomily.
“It made me hate my ex and also love. I am single now. Believe me my dear that was the very first Val I was celebrating with him and it turned out to be something else. I don’t think Val day means lovers day, to me, it is beating day” she added.

A man cried, begging on his knees to ask me out — Ruth Eze

Nollywood diva, Ruth Eze is unquestionably one of the sexiest ladies in Nollywood and there is no window dressing about that. She’s easy on the eyes and blessed with frontal assault that can bring down the wall of any man’s defence. She had once said, “I just want a cool and responsible guy. Someone that is not loud and must be God-fearing”.
Sharing her fondest Valentine’s memory, the actress recounted how a guy went down on his knees, begging her to be his Val.
“I entered a restaurant on Val’s day in the morning to get something and a guy was sitting all by himself. Then he left his seat and came straight to me, knelt down, crying that I should be his Val. He said he had no Val. I was like, what?”

We, pretty girls, are the loneliest on Val’s days — Ejine Okoroafor

Nollywood upcoming actress, Ejiro Okoroafor, who calls herself ‘Queen of the South’ believes that contrary to people’s belief that pretty girls get all the date offers, they are the most lonely ones, especially on St. Valentine’s days.
When asked if she could remember her most memorable St. Valentine’s experience, the actress replied brusquely, ”I wish I have” and added tersely “ I don’t have any”.
“ Val days are usually a lonely one for me. I do visit Motherless Homes sometimes. On that day, People think that the pretty gals are the happiest, but no, we are the most lonely ones. But to me love is a beautiful thing. No matter how bad I have been hurt I will love again” she declared.

Val is not a once in a year thing to me — Princess Jolie
Nollywood’s new booty queen, Princess, Jolie is a girl many would expect her Val day to be filled with a long list of things to do but surprisingly she doesn’t believe in celebrating Val’s day. To her, everyday should be a day to celebrate love.
In a chat with Potpourri, the petite sexy actress, quipped, “I don’t do Val. Everyday is love to me. It’s not once in a year kind of bullshit”.


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