New Nigerian singing sensation, MoAdiah, born Morenike Akinyanju is a UK-based gospel and inspirational singer, ready to make her point in the Nigerian music scene. And she did it in a flamboyant way penultimate Friday at the Aquarium Lounge, Victoria Island, Lagos where she released her debut album titled ‘Free Love’ to the listening pleasure and delight of a select audience.

The graduate of Economics from the Burnel University, Uxbridge Middlesex, UK, in this interview, shares her journey into music with us. Excerpts:

How would you describe your evolution into music?

As a child I was very much into music. I probably wanted to do music from onset but you know, when you are growing up your parents will always have a course they want you to study in the university. So, I focused more on my academics. But when I saw an opportunity for me to start molding and building my passion which is music, I started doing that and molding it into shape. I have done that for years now.

How long have you been in the music industry?   

Professionally, I have been doing music for four years now. I released my first album last year in UK. Before then, I was singing in church as a chorister. I have also been doing other things, you know, I live in the UK. This is my first album. What we are doing here today is more like a music evening.


What have the challenges been so far, breaking into the industry?

My parents are very supportive of anything I do. But you know as parents they always want the best for you. The challenges are more of trying to develop my own style, and trying to appreciate your own uniqueness sometimes could be very challenging. I am a gospel artiste doing something in the lounge, it is not usual. Those kinds of things can be challenging. I appreciate the challenges.

Why did you choose a lounge for your album launch?

That is what I do in the UK and for me, I want my music to be assessable to everybody and a blessing to everyone. Sometimes, I do things in churches too. I play my music at different settings where anyone can understand my journey, story and what my relationship with God has done to me. Hopefully, by that they will be blessed.

What stands you out, what’s unique about your music style?

I think my sound is a bit more urban, it is more like soul-like. So for me, it is a music you can worship with unlike other gospel music. They are what I call life music; it is about my journey, encounter and so many other things. I also want to tell people that you can use the talent God has given you to help the world. I never taught I would be able to record an album or do most of the things I have done.

How do you mean; you never thought of having an album?

It just evolved; it is not only music that I do. I also work in an industrial bank in the UK. So, that didn’t really give me enough time but I have been able to manage the time well. There are other things that I do. So, the album just evolved.

So, have you dropped banking for music?

No, I am doing both of them for now. I think part of my ability that has helped me to manage both of them is the skills I learnt in music and that have helped me in my day-to-day job.

What is the titled of your album?

The album is titled, The Music in Me Volume 1, Free. The Free is like the title of the album. There will be The Music in me Volume 2 and it will be tagged something else .

What inspires your songs?

I would say God. I was toying with the name for a while but that was what eventually came to me. I wrote most of my songs and most of my songs are revealed to me in my dreams. When they come to me, I will wake up and record them, then go back to sleep again. Some of my songs are like everyday life happenings. What they talk about is like prayer to God. My songs passed a lot of messages.

Are there plans of relocating to Nigeria?

You never can tell. I try to do what is mine, I am open to anything. I try to move in the direction God wants me to.

Why do you think gospel artistes don’t get cooperate endorsements?

When it is gospel music people relate it to religion and they think it is not open to everybody. On the other hand, I don’t know what works here because I am not living here.

What should your fans expect from you in a couple of months?

More music and this show is part of my tour. I am kicking off from here and I am going to different places in different other countries. I will be releasing more music towards the end of the year, and will also be promoting these songs.

How soon are you getting married?

Very soon by God’s grace, God is working on it. There are so many good characters my ideal man must possess but the most important is that, he must be a God-fearing man. I think marriage for me is all about purpose.



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