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Singer, Sandra Ifudu in trouble for calling men “useless”

Budding inspirational singer, Sandra Ifudu, niece of veteran Nigerian singer, Dora Ifudu, must have unwittingly or otherwise, dug a grave for herself for expressing an opinion born out of frustration with her past love affairs. It was just a couple of days after St. Valentine’s day and the ‘Let it Go’ crooner posted on her Facebook a simple thought that must have been troubling her.

Sandra Ifudu

“ I don’t need a boyfriend, men are useless” she wrote.

In a free world, with freedom of speech, it was a simple enough statement to make but she soon found out she might have bitten more than she can chew – much more than she can chew. Because she would probably have to use the rest of the year to put out the fire she started.

“If you are not useless, you would have married before now. I don’t think that any responsible man will come across you”, fired one of her fans.

“See you that is useful. Maybe you couldn’t turn a man into your bank alert or mugu, that’s why all men are useless to you”, added another.

On and on, torrent of comments  flowed in to deride her but the ‘My Baby’ singer stuck to her gun and fired back: “ You know what they say, the truth is bitter. You will never catch real  men commenting shit here but the useless ones, the very ones I am referring to, proving to the  world that they are not only useless but also stupid.”


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