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Is this reaction because of oral sex?

Dear Bunmi,

My husband and I sometimes have oral sex whenever I am having my period.

The last time I gave him one, I noticed the top of his penis looked a bit sore, but we went ahead regardless. Now, the sore is worse and the inside of my mouth is infected as if I have mouth ulcer. Could we have infected each other with say thrush?

Kairat, by e-mail.

Dear Kairat,

Thrust is a yeast infection commonly found in the vagina. If you have thrush,

your husband could pick it up during sex. It can infect the man’s glan – the helmet at the end of his penis under his foreskin-making it red and sore, sometimes with flecks of white, cheesy discharge. And yes, oral sex could pass it into your mouth. Go to a reputable chemist and ask for treatment for your mouth and vagina and clotrimazole cream for your husband’s penis.

If your symptoms, or his, don’t clear up, then check with your doctor – sometimes thrush in odd places can be a sign that something else is going on.


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