February 3, 2017

Radio frequency, more accessible in ancient Ibadan

Radio frequency, more accessible in ancient Ibadan

Radio set

By Dotun Ibiwoye

Did you know that radio frequency can be exhausted? Yes, the non-availability of radio frequency in Lagos, especially the frequency modulation (FM) caused a major radio station to set up shop in Ibadan, Oyo state instead of the nation’s commercial capital.

Managing Director, R2FM, Mr. Greg Odutayo, now does his business from the ancient city of Ibadan for this reason, among others. Speaking at a media parley in Lagos recently, Odutayo, a veteran film and television director, opined that Ibadan has the second largest number of radio stations in the country.

“Well, the technical reason we are here is that there no more frequencies in Lagos. But I always ask people, why not Ibadan?  There is something in Ibadan. It’s like a second Lagos but calmer and exciting.”

He added: “It was easy for us to get our targeted audience. Almost all the radio stations here speak Yoruba, so we brought fresh and exciting English speaking programs to tantalize the students who make a major percentage of the population.”

Odutayo affirmed that Royal Roots started about 21 years ago, commencing with radio productions, before embarking on TV productions.”But our strong niche is in TV production. Our root is radio. The decision we took to go back to radio is like going back to our roots; where we actually started from. We are firm believers in radio.”