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Power to do good

Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

It is pertinent to remind people of the world, Christians, religion sects and the government of this country (state, local and federal) something. What is missing in the hands of the people? Truth is the thing that is missing. If truth is missing in a person’s hand, his or her life cannot be balance again, the time cannot be better time again.

This is because a liar continues telling lies to get honour and to coverup previous lies eventually he or she would be disgraced. This is the thing happening in this country. This has led to the problems facing the country now. The religions sects are not complete. The people practising these religions do not follow what the religion stipulated to be done. In the christiandom, people are divided, falsehood and dishonesty are used to govern. Litigations are the order of the day among christian leaders. Some christian leaders snathed the wives of their members.

Many are mischievous, dishonest, fraudulent and doing ungodly acts. So in most of these religion sects there exist untruthfulness. God has given people Holy books (Bible and Quran) to read, learn and observe the teaching of these books which are complete but some religious leaders (Christian & Islamic clerics) have turned these books upside down and doing what they like.

•Pastor Daramola

Then would God be pleased for human being to be killing fellow human being. Some people always think they are most holy and pure, but they are not. What is required for people to show they are holy is to be winning souls for God and not killing people. People need to use the power given to them by God to work for Him and not killing those you are to win their souls for God. Does God tell you to kill people for Him? No. the Bible says in Exodus 20:13 “You shall not murder” and if you murder a person the book of Matthew 5:21 says”…do not murder and anyone who murders will be subject to judgement”.

In Nigeria the leaders are always amending the constitution to suit them so that they and their families can be enjoying good things of life and living confortably alone. They are not concern with the downtrodders who elected them into power. The resources or funds meant for developmental projects are being embezzeled by public office holders. The governments are to embark on programmes, policies that will better the life of the poor masses instead they inflict pains, hardship, sufferings on the helpless people.

Many parents struggled to send their children to universities and higher institutions with the hope that in return the children will get employment and take care of their parent. But the situation does not permit this to happen. A lot of unemployed youth have taking to kidnapping, armed robbery and other crimes for survival. Is this what the constitution of the country provide for the citizery.

Deceit and injustice are the things happening in all the sectors of the government. Imagine some judges in the judiciary arm of the government are allowing falsehood to prevail over their sense of judgement. The Bible says in the book of Proverbs 17:15 “acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent the Lord detest them both”. Brethren I want to tell and advise you that the coming of Jesus Christ is at hand. He said if the world is coming to an end, that nation shall be rising against nations, there will be war outbreaks here and there. These are the things happening now and many of the people are not vigilant and watchful. Those that have the power of pen or biro to embezzle the country’s money meant for maintenance of roads and provision of better health services are not vigilant and watchful.

At this juncture, I beg and appeal to the leaders of this great nation to put a stop to the looting of the country’s treasure and do better things that will have positive impact on the life of the citizens. Truth ismissing, imagine Jesus Christ came into this world to say the truth, to deliver people, made the blind to see, lame to walk and did other miraculous things (Matthew 8:14-16). Then the chief priests an Jewish rulers were envious of Jesus’ signs and wonders and saw Him as a threat to their works.

From there they started accusing Him and monitoring his movements. They alleged Him of healing people on the Sabbath day (Luke 13:10-17). Also they accused Him of entering a person’s farm with the disciples on Sabbath day hungry and picked some eans of corn and eat them (Matthew 12:1-8). In His response, He reminded them about the law that supported the actions of Himself and the disciples. All the teachings and sermons of Jesus Christ were used to indict Him because there was no truth. The accusers of Jesus did not have or see any offence to implicate Him and was even confirmed by Pontius Pilate (Luke 23:4).

Pilate had the power to set Jesus free but refusedbecause he could not stay by the truth. He allowed the chief priests and elders to prevail over him because he was afraid of the people. Truth is missing. Similarly in churches, people are always annoyed when they are told the truth. Some people get angry when sermons or preaching point out some of human behavior they do. Instead of accepting the preacher’s sermon and make corrections they would conclude that the sermon is directed to them.

A person angry at the sermon that affects him or her is an evildoer. Sermons point out the good or the bad aspect of human behavior or anything. Imagine the blood of Jesus Christ who was innocent was shed and presently blood of innocent people in this world are being shed. There is no peace in the world, so much trouble everywhere. Many women are turned to widows, men to widowers and children to orphans. Let all the religious, political leaders remember the living God would be pleased or happy. What is the work of

God? The work of God is the people that are suffering and oppressed by their fellow human being. Therefore I implore the government of this nation to sit together whether a state is experiencing problem or not, all based on truth. The leaders should exhibit honesty and sincerity with the people they govern. Solutions to the problems will be proffered. Oppressed, maltreated, suffering people, and those responsible for security of life and properties that are not well catered for would prefer not to expose those fomenting trouble.

Let all the leaders know that they will give account of their stewardship before God Almighty. Let the truth prevail and be the watchword. Imagine after the cruxification and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the rulers continued in their deceitful behavior when they lied about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Bible says in the book of Matthew 28:11-15 “…when the chief priests had met with the elders and devised a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money telling them you are to say His disciples came during night and stole him away while we sleep…” the chief priests and elders perpetrated falsehood so as to remain in power and to be seen as righteous people before their people. Brethren, untruthfulness has been in existence or a very longtime. This is what is missing in the life of many people particularly our leaders in this country. I pray that God Almighty will make truth to prevail in our country in Jesus name.



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