February 25, 2017

No age is young for sex education – Expert

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School Children

The Executive Director, Action Health Incorporated, Mrs Adenike Esiet, has advised parents and teachers to teach children sexuality education at an appropriate age to reduce early moral decadence. Esiet gave the advice at a media roundtable and launch of a book on school curriculum by Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS).

The curriculum is titled: “Family Live and HIV Education (FLHE) in Nigeria’’.

She told journalists on the sidelines of the project which is focusing on the Issues of Youth Social Development (YSD) and Reproductive Health (RH).
Esiet said that everyone should know that no age was too young to disseminate sexuality information and its outcome.

“In Nigeria of today, there are many cases of sexual abuse here and there; teaching children sexuality education makes them know their rights and when to find help.

“Considering what the entertainment, fashion, musical industry disseminates these days, one must teach children or wards sexuality education earlier than thought,’’ she told NAN.

Esiet also said that there were cases of teachers molesting students.

According to her, not only females are victims, so also male.

School Children

“The essence of this book is that it is a weapon of power for the students when they are being touched inappropriately, they will speak up.
“Introducing the FLHE curriculum in schools will reduce health-related challenges among youths,’’ she said.

According to her, the FLHE had helped to a great extent in addressing teachers-students molestation in schools because students could speak up when forced into relationships that are inappropriate.

“FLHE has helped some girls and armed young people to know their rights and find help when being forced into relationship not appropriate.

“With such power, alarm had blown on such teachers harassing and intimidating students to have unhealthy relationships,’’ she said.

Also speaking, the Project Lead, Prof Adeyinka Omigbodun, said that the FLHE would help to reduce moral decadence and sexual disease and there would be an improved reproductive health of the adolescents.

Omigbodun said that the inclusion of the FLHE into the school curricula would ensure that many of these young people had access to the information and skills they need in this regard.

The President of the Academy, Prof. Mosto Onuoha, also said that the objective of the round table was to inform newsmen on issues bothering on youth social development, sexual education and reproductive health.

Onuoha also advocated that newsmen should create awareness on youth social development, sexuality education and reproductive health curriculum in schools.