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Left-overs in the kitchen sink

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FOR a great number of women, keeping the kitchen clean remains a burden. It is easier for homemakers to cook different dishes than to clean up after cooking. Really, keeping the kitchen clean is a burden.

Every homemaker should know that running a home is a business. Just as business is well planned before it succeeds, so also is the business of running a home. If you don’t take it as á business, your home will always be in disarray. When a woman’s kitchen is an eye sore, such a woman is known to be clumsy. Her house is never attractive to visitors. Worse is that her children will take after her in housekeeping.

Indeed, every home maker should be a reflection of who she or he portrays to people that she or he is at home. The kitchen is the most difficult place to maintain if it is not taken as a business. Making the kitchen a point of attraction requires a conscious plan because you cannot hide away from using plates, cutlery and pots as long as you have not decided to shut the kitchen. This is not America where many families use disposables to eat to cut down water bills and the stress of washing the dishes to keep the kitchen clean.

As the living room is the first place of attraction so is the kitchen the centre of attraction of your home. Seeing used plates with leftovers in the sink does not only irritate and put people off from eating in your house, it also has serious health implications that should not be ignored.

If you leave dirty dishes in the kitchen, it attracts roaches and rats because they feast on leftovers. These animals also spread bacteria around. Researchers say the bacteria can cause gastro-intestinal diseases as they can stay alive on surfaces, even clean surfaces, for up to four days. Thus, on dishes that have contamination like food particles, bacteria can stay alive for a very long time.

When plates and pots are used and are not washed immediately, washing also becomes burdensome. And in most homes where washing plates is left for children or house helps it is important that you help your children or house helps to see washing plates as fun so that your kitchen will remain charming and attractive always?

Do not leave a pile of dirty dishes with food hardened on them. Who wants to deal with that? If you don’t have time to wash them immediately, at least rinse them off well to avoid a difficult job later which should be done latest, after eating.

Cultivate the habit of cleaning during preparation of meals to reduce the pile of plates that discourages children from washing. Make sure pot surfaces are cleaned before soaking with water. Always appreciate your children for cleaning and let them know that their effort is for the mutual benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

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