January 1, 2017

Nothing like outcast if you believe in Jesus Christ – Bishop

Bishop Godfrey Onah, the Catholic Bishop of Nsukka Diocese, says there is nothing like outcast as all who believe in Jesus Christ are children of God.

Onah said this in Nsukka, Enugu State, on Sunday in a homily during New Year church service.

He said in baptism all sins inherited from Adam or any ancestral sin had been washed away by the blood of Jesus.

“It is ignorance and lack of word of God that a Christian call a follow Christian outcast or Osu as is called in Igboland.

“All who have been baptised in Jesus Christ have been redeemed and whoever God has set free remain free forever.

“If you are among those who classify some people as Osu and you will not allow your family members to marry such people repent and stop it in 2017 before you attract the anger of God,” he said.

He admonished people to always be faithful and grateful to God who in spite the hard economic situation in the country last year spared their lives, granted divine blessings and protection to their family members.

“In spite of what you see as economic recession in 2016, if you look back and count your blessings, it will marvel you what the Lord has done for you and your family.

“Be hopeful that this year will be better than past years by putting God first in all you do as well as obeying constituted authorities, ” he said.

The bishop also enjoined Nigerians to make new resolutions that would ensure good relationship with their neighbours, irrespective of tribe or religious affiliations.

“Make sure you do not enter the new year nursing grudges against your neighbour or you friend, ensure you have forgiven all who offended you in 2016 so that God will also forgive your sins.

“Ensure you use more percentage of the wealth God has given to you to help the poor especially the motherless children and indigent widows,” he urged.