January 18, 2017

Mobile app for home laundry service debuts

By Emeka Aginam

The service sector of the Nigerian economy is set to experience a dramatic upturn as, an online based dry-cleaning and laundry service has unveiled into the Nigerian market mobile app for home delivery laundry service at affordable price.

The platform was incubated by Chinook Capital, a Lagos-based technology-focused venture capital firm. aims at offering premium laundry services to everyday Lagos residents through easy to use mobile app as well as the web.

Gbenga Odegbami, partner, Chinook Capital, while speaking on the benefits of the solution explained that anybody who wants to subscribe is expected to place their orders and the laundry company will pick up the wares, clean them and deliver them at the doorstep of the subscribers within 48 hours.

He said that aims to foster a lifestyle of ease amongst consumers who before now have had to contend with poor laundry services and spending of countless hours doing their laundry when they ought to be resting or attending to other matters.

Premium quality

According to him, is all about premium quality with convenience at an affordable price, adding that like every other high-impact technology company, aims at transforming customer’s experience as well as set an industry benchmark by offering affordable laundry service to subscribers at industry fastest delivery time.

Explaining the idea for establishing, he said “We observed that majority of Lagos residents spenda greater part of their day at work and sadly a couple more hours are spent facing the traffic.

“So, their weekend is often strained between resting, social outings and doing chores, one of which is the laundry. The truth is most people will gladly give this task to someone else if it is convenient, reliable and affordable. Safi was borne out of the desire to provide efficient and convenient laundry services to individuals so they can have time to engage in other productive tasks.”

This innovative service model, he said , is built on a logistics algorithm combined with a world class dry cleaning processes.

“ will help customers have best of both worlds instead of selecting between quality and expensive dry-cleaning services on one end or cheaper and poor laundry services on the other”, he added.