Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas was born on the 2nd of March 1973 in the Continent of Africa. She is a Philosopher, Politician, Bureaucrat, Humanitarian, Writer, Curator, Political Advocate, an Idealist, a Socialist, a Counsellor, Teacher, Human Rights Advocate, Legal Practitioner, Activist, Realist and Law Reformist.

In her quest to lead the ‘Movement of Liberation’ and ‘Prepare Men and Women for the Battle of Armageddon an ‘Enforcement of the Manifesto Mandate 21st Century of 2021, for a ‘Face of Change, ‘She Faced Challenges And Trials’, ‘She Faced Death’, ‘She Got Oppressed’, ‘She Was Imprisoned’, ‘The System Humiliated and Manipulated Her’, ‘She Wrote Free Nobles Of Consciousness Of Man’s Will For Government’, ‘Her Reforms were passed in to Law’, ‘Her Ideas Were Stolen’ And ‘She Was Denied Recognition’.

To understand the Myth of Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas in finding a lasting solution of the problems of the Countries of the World and healing the pains with her Clinic of the Orthodox School of Thoughts, to treat the psychological torture Men, Women and Children have suffered for years from generations to generations, ‘Her Actions, World, Command, Authority and Power Can Be Interpreted For Man To Understand That Her ‘MISSION’ in the World is AN ORCHESTRATION OF A SYMBOLIC SUPERNATURAL BEING THROUGH THE FILM TITLED ‘THE CLASH OF THE TITANS’.

Prof. Alexia Thomas

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas opposes the Deportation of illegal Migrants from the United Kingdom, affirming that behind the deportations are Secret Plot to rid the United Kingdom of Coloured People. Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas affirms that illiterates now governs Britain and she will not watch the Dragon of Hell use the Parliamentarians to destroy the Values of the Children of Grace who are the Commonwealth Citizens that United Kingdom Government bothered their isolation in the 15th Century.

As a British fiery Political Advocate and Human Rights Defender and Pioneer, she is the Founder and Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP), an Opposition Party to the Ruling UK Government and also the Founder and President of the Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) and thirdly the Chieftain and Pioneer of the Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission in the United Kingdom. Fondly called ‘Royal Mother’, she has been at the fore-front of fighting against the acts of Black Oppression, Slavery, Injustice and their Dehumanization executed by the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) and their Mercenaries.

Her Knowledgeable professor Alexia Thomas exhibited strong political will as such in local election In United Kingdom (UK) 5th May 2016), ‘Britain Must Leave European Union, Commonwealth Citizens Don’t Cast your Vote for Britain in EU’. She stood by to agree that European Union (EU) Treaty must be abolished and the European Union must be dissolved. She quoted: “You Cannot Push the Wagon into the Future without Retrogressing into the Past.”

In the coming UK election, Britain Must Leave European Union or else they must be ready to kill Her Monarchy and destroy The Commonwealth. Commonwealth Citizens are advised not to vote Britain in EU.” The Erudite Professor Alexia Thomas 301 Quotes Unveiled from Her gallery of over 1100 Quotes making her History greatest Philosopher of the 21st Century. She uses this Medium to call for a Contest from all over the World Global region any one capable to beating her Quotes should take her on a Contest and she is willing to give half of her Wealth to anyone capable of taking her Crown of History 21st Century Greatest Philosopher.

HER QUOTES: 1. The Prorogation Of Justice Requires Leadership Courtesy Of Impunity Law To Mandate The Rule Of Law Effectisation Of Equality Without Debarment Of Peoples Right To Overturn The Rulership Of Few Men Over The Majority Of Mass Submission

2. My Government visioned Britain’s Future, ‘Drag The Wagon Back To The Past Before Pushing The Concession Of The Further Or Rather Into The Future’ or else the Open Coffins shall grave our Unborn Children, if we allow Few Men dares our Iron Steel. 3. A Canadian being a Governor of Bank of England is a shame on British Democracy, the most ridiculed monger of National derailment of Economic Servient for destruction.

4. Punishment of guilt and penalty administered must be executed under the Fraud Act 2006, Section 7 Chapter 2(b) for conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for Term not exceeding 10 years and we are demanding on behalf of Great People of Britain, that the State Prosecution to seek 6 years Prison Sentence to teach Mr Cameron and Parliamentarian a lesson as payback for Justice for King Charles I.

5. Parliamentarian have confraternised the existence of New Political Parties to arise above the old existing Ones through enacting Communications Act 2003 making UK an only Two Party Decree. 6. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, less I talk, the better not to accuse you further, because your Conscience knows the Truth and as a Great woman, I know your Values, for you must be Observance to the Peoples Will of Mandate.

7. The Commonwealth Liberation Party demands David Cameron faces the gallows of Justice for his involvement in playing Kingdom of Britain Monarch and her Citizens and Subjects in Joystic Joinder Politics as a Traitor and in Treason of Deceit Diplomacy. 8. PM David Cameron’s ferocious atrocities committed as acting British Prime Minister from 11/05/2010 to 24/04/2016 is now indictable under the Criminal Act for his Crimes of FRAUD, TAX EVASION and RIGGING ELECTIONS; The Law, as compelled by Legislation and aforesaid Penalty be communed.

9. DEMOCR ACY DEATH AND ACT OF POLITICS BIRTH; In our pursuit and must be enforced by 2021, the New System Of G o v e r n m e n t i s i n v o k e d b y T h e Commonwealth Liberation Party for Practice and effectisation by Queen and Country and her Commonwealth for British Heritage.

10. The Police Commissioner’ Office is not to allow any Evidence escape through the radar and for the First Time, this will prove Democratic Government is the most corrupt and as such our Pursuit is to awake a New System of Government called Act Of Politics and start invocation while Power is restored back to Monarchy by the Divine Right of the Kings, authority stolen from the Monarchical Throneship af ter beheading of King Charles I, on the 30th January 1649

11. WE CANNOT BLIND THE PEOPLE, DENY THEM EYESIGHT; The Vague is a Cartelistic Flaw because illiterates now govern Britain, and this insanity of Men dangerously to Human Race will not grow their Gem in Place of great Eye Men in which I am the Headship of 21st Century Total Transformation and my silent will bring Jeopardy, denying Humans Protection and Security the values I so believed must be defended till my death, so I will not compromise Truth for Corruption, and playing in my field is a bomb of Truth.

12. We Cannot Drive The Wagon Into The Future Without Retrogressing To The Past. 13. PM David Cameron Ancestral Families robbed the Coloured People, stole their land to harvest Sugar Carne, killed them, destroyed their Future in new dawn and surprisingly trait is mark genetic inscription on Mr. Cameron as he continued the Ritual of Black Peoples scarification in the 21st Century and this monstrosity must be stopped.

14. Race Superiority Complex is a sicken trait, therefore Britain rather be an Island of her own, so Commonwealth Nations not be cheated in a White Man’s deceit to steal their Gold and give them Rubbles. 15. When Insanity becomes the Mother of the Day, the People are riddled in Poverty, then Money becomes the Stake of Authority

16. United Kingdom Government has brought Shame to her Citizens and Commonwealth. The Monarchy has brought Shame to Her Commonwealth and failed the Commonwealth. The Police Institution is Lust for Political Appointments allowing Herself Institutionalised into Political Confraternity. 17. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, negligence to the Welfare and Well being of the Commonwealth Citizens in Britain is of concern as the outspoken reality is, you deemed them less important of your Time

18. Parliament are powered by the British Bill of Rights 1686 and same confers to the British People and her Commonwealth the Peoples Bill of Will uncompromisable demands enthronement by the def inition of Constitution. 19. The Police Institution is strongly warned to shame Injustice chartered as Laws rendering the Voice of Justice silent or shame losing Britain as the destruction of Human Race with Legislative Confraternity is the destruction of Britain.

20. Queen Elizabeth II Throneship is now under a Mandate to Reinstate and Enforce the Will of Magna Carta 1215 just as King Henry III Reinforced the Reading of the Charters of Liberties in Court on the 23rd June 1217. 21. The dangerously of this Communications Act 2003 is why the ruling Government has never faced challenges on their destruction to the People because the Government operates a Legalized Despotism.

22. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, I tell you today, Mr. Cameron will lead the British People to drown in the Atlantic Ocean; If the United Kingdom is expecting United States of America to help them, my Prediction is that in 2026, Mr. Donald Trump will make Americans turn their back on United Kingdom for Europe to grant Russia an Air Base to destroy Britain.

23. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, you will agree with me Britain cannot exist without the Commonwealth Nations because your Government is weakened without them. Their Wealth is why your Kingdom is the greatest today because of your Receipt of Royalty. What is good for your People must be extended to the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens you inherited.

24. All Men of this Era are Coward Babies buttered by Piece of Paper Money from the printing machine, so they like their comfort and watch United Kingdom as a Country turned into a Game of Chess, by Men from bandit background like David Cameron an Ancestral product of Slaves ownership. The worst profession is Human Slavery, so the British People allowing Mr. Cameron rule them is a Cartelistic flaws waiting to destroy United Kingdom just as Hitler destroyed the German People.

25. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the fact not in denial is that the Coloured Peoples Race were not known to Britain but the greed for Power eroded the Thrones of Kings in Europe to explosively exploit the Nations of Asia and Africa and their Abandonment is an impossibility.

26. British People’s lives are endangered daily, as Truth no longer visit their corridors because the Media Agency like the News, Television and Broadcast Medium have all b e i n g co n f rat e r n i s ed b ecau s e t h e Government dictates what will be transmitted on Air, a ghostly injection on Society. 27. The sad reality is how can PM David Cameron the Offspring of a dangerous bandit settled to free his Slaves forced owned Human properties be the Prime Minister of our Country.

28. The whole British Police Force needs serious overhauling of their institution as it has brought disreputation to Law integrity and soaked herself in Political mud of corruption. 29. The Police as State Institution, witnessed Germans destruction of Britain in 1937, yet they welcomed illogical ideas of Politicians thinking they can control Power of this Great Kingdom like their Mother’s Kitchen. The Voice of Great Sir Winston Churchill cries from the Grave, as Britain invites destruction upon Herself.

30. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Your Invisibility in Politics and Government and allowing Parliament Pen to draft your Statements a n d D e c l a r a t i o n s i s a g a i n s t t h e Fundamental Values of the Commonwealth Treaty your Oath Ascertained in your Coronation of 1953; Promises Breached.

31. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Ordinary Men from Homes with no Morals prepare a Destructive Bill for you, yet you have the Power to refuse it, as Politics cannot control ones Instinct of Justice Conscience, still their Perilous direct your State of Reasoning with their Monstrosity Bill of Warrants to Kill and execute the destruction of Commonwealth Citizens in your Name.

32. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, My Words Are Alive, Hear Me In The Loudness Of The Sea, Hear Me The Treacherous Must Not Be Empathized With. This Mandate Upon Your Shoulder As Real As It Sounds Are The Quest Of Justice From The Kings Thrones Of The Great Kingdom Of Britain.

33. David Cameron, you must remember the Moral Values your Mother taught you; Though your Ancestor General Sir James Duff was a Slave Master who received Huge settlement after Slavery Abolishment by the British Government; Reawakening your Conscience in Denial that your Ancestor Profited from Slave Trade. This Evidence is definitely the reason you have lost Touch with Reality. 34. PM David Cameron’s Government And Leadership Must Go And Equivocally Must Be Halt Before His Governance Insanity Will Brings Fatal Retribution To United Kingdom.

35. We should be fair as a Race to the Cores Values of Commonwealth Nations who Britain bothered their Isolation and forcefully coerced them to accept the British Heritage in 15th Century ago. 36. Mr. David Cameron, I say unto you Verily, Verily, Verily, your Government will be Disband and Disgraced out of Number 10 Downing Street. Know very well as I said this Words to you, we are Equal in Powers of Governance and the difference is your Vote gives you access to Print Money and control UK Money Supply and the Economy.

37. T H E R E A W A K E N I N G O F T H E ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW OF MAGNA CARTA IN THE 21ST CENTURY IS DEEMED NECESSARY FOR PROTECTION OF THE HUMAN RACE, HUMAN VALUES AND HUMAN DIGNITY. 38. The Insanity of Conservative Ruling Government must be stopped or else Anarchy a new Face of change will Throw t h e m u d a t R e p a r a t i o n a n d t h e Commonwealth Citizens Uprise will stand for itself.

39. United Kingdom Government Do Not Use A Constitution. It Is Still Not Clear Why They Gave Their Commonwealth Nations Constitution, Which Simply Means The Rule Was For The Upper Class To Oppress The Middle Class And The Lower Class. 40. United Kingdom Did Not Give Her Commonwealth Nations Freedom But Instead They Gave Them Sovereignty, Simply Meaning The Will To Do Your Own Thing With Out Them Interfering.

41. Freedom Is Unlocking The Code Of Knowledge; So United Kingdom Failing To Give Commonwealth Nation Their Practises Of Statutes, Court Judgments, Works Of Authority And Treaties Simply Means They Have Given Them The Right To Commit Homicide On Their Citizens. 42. How Can We Lead In Blindness And Deafness When Power A Failure Of Indecency Will Not Allow You To Use Your Common Sense?

43. The future of greatness is the protection of Human Race, Human Values, Human Dignity, Brotherhood Bond and the Upholdment of Citizens Equal Rights, Legal Compromise, Alienation of Hate Crimes with Upholdment of Respect for Social Values and Social Integration. 44. No Man Has The Right To Deny Another Man His Free Will Liberty To Be Free. No Man Has The Power To Use Legislative Confraternity To Destroy The Race Of Life. 45. PM David Cameron, Who Do You Think You Are And What Is Your Background That You Can Audaciously Allow The Destruction Of The Commonwealth Citizens To Continue Till This Very Minute.

46. PM David Cameron, You Need And Must Check Yourself As Your Dangerously Will Make United Kingdom Wreck In Poverty. Your Mind Thinks of No Redress But Destructions! 47. The Coloured People Are Prides, But Because The UK Still Needs Conventional Slaves In A Conventional Deceit Diplomacy, Their Government Is Denied Civilization T h r o u g h E n f o r c i n g T h e m To U s e Constitution When UK Do Not Use Constitution.

48. My Government Is Willing To Swiftly Relocate The Coloured People Out Of Britain Back To Their Countries Of Sunshine, So They Can Appreciate Their Race As A People. 49. PM David Cameron your Government has brought so much insecurity to the Nation of Britain. Every one fears terror attack unconscious delusion which is for real as you firstly attacked Nations who choose not to be bothered and you believe there will be no revenge.

50. PM David Cameron, In Decoy Agenda, Your Politics Destroy The Commonwealth Citizens But Their Government Lack Of Education Denies Them The Consciousness To Protect Their Citizens. 51. PM David Cameron, Your Conscience Knows The Commonwealth Citizens Are Not Criminals Rather Your Government Is, As You Audaciously Brand Them The Enemies Of Great Britain.

52. PM David Cameron, The Jews Died Foolishly Because They Failed To Resist The Destruction Of The Germans Hate Crimes Against Them. The Commonwealth Nations Are Not As Smart As The Israelites, But I Tell You Toady, They Are Protected By The Spirit From The British King Thrones And Their Elimination In Generality Is An Impossibility. Your Party Destruction Upon Them Must Be Stopped Or Else You Will Destroy Yourself And Your Party.

53. Justice Must Be Served As Injustice Is Punishable 54. PM David Cameron My Pen Will Brake Now, As The Hot Hours Are Coming Against You Or The End Of Your Regime Will Be Exactly Like Mr. Hitler Whose Style Of Regime You now Exemplify In Governance. Know Now Britain Is Not Your Father’s Vine Yard. 55. PM David Cameron, I Professor Alexia Thomas is watching you and I know my Pen ponders your conscience, yet daring the wrath of my challenges, well I am not alone as in the name of the Kings Thrones, We The Commonwealth Liberation Party Justice will stand.

56. My Time will not be wasted but my Teaching are heavily merited as my assignment you may quest the Mystery. 57. Tyranny Of Government Is Their Disability Of The Mind, Mediocrity And Of Illusional Hypocrisy. 58. The Conservative Party Government have lost their Political Mythology which is evidential through their initiating Hate Crime Laws to destroy the Ancestry Bond between the British Empire and her Commonwealth Nations.

59. The Western World Whose Myth Is Of Great Britain Is Controlled By The Monarch And The Knights And The Americans Whose Myth Is Of The Union Jack, Founded By The Descendants Of Great Britain Are On The Verge Of Loosing Their Heritage. 60. The Act Of Magna Carta, Has Made Democracy Fooled Noble Men To Think Parliament Is A House To Contest Showmanship.

61. Democracy Ideologies Must Be Nullified As It Is Being Misinterpreted Into Fools Ideology And Manipulated In The Mind Of The People. 62. This Is 21st Century, Not The Time To Play Politics But The Time To Reclaim What Belongs To Your Forefathers Lost To Conventionality Through Fools Ideology Initiated By Sons Of Britain And American Thinking Alliance With An Enemy Is The Only Way To Avert Anarchy.

63. This Is 21st Century Outlaw Government Will Not Be Entertained Any Outlaw Government Must Be In Pitched As Failure To Ban Or Terminate Their Appointment Will See The Death Of Citizens Massacred In Their Reign. 64. The Conscience Of Guilt Must Awake Man’s Consciousness Of Leadership To Understand The Mind Of The Man He Is Ruling And The Mind Of The Man He Is Governing. 65. W ho Do You Think You Are As A Government To Control The Stake Of Authority Like Your Father’s Vineyard?

66. It Is Time To Draw A Line As United Kingdom Will Be Doom And Crumble In The Feet Of All Nations. 67. Parliamentarians Ideology Of Democracy Is A Fools Illiteracy To Run Leadership Either By Hunt Or By Crude. 68. When The Greatest Abuse Is Oppressive Injustice And Oppressive Injustice Is Charted By Law, The Voice Of Justice Is Silence. 69. Man Must Love Himself To Be Able To E x t e n d L o v e To A n o t h e r M a n A s Brotherhood Bond Must Not Necessarily Be By Blood Lineage.

70. To Build A Sustainable United Kingdom, Nations Of Commonwealth And World, The Act Of Politics Is Mandator y And Enforceable, While Democracy As An Ideology Be Put To Rest Forever. 71. British Politics And American Politics Is A House Of Different Parties Run By Cowards In Government.

72. People Of The World, Arise For Greatness, Arise To Conquer, Arise For Jubilation, Arise For Celebration, Arise For Honour, Arise For Fame, Arise For Freedom, Arise For Security. 73. Democracy In Politics Is Leadership With Illiteracy. 74. The Men Of Leadership Are Educated Illiterates Which Is Evidential Because Countries Of The World Are Running Slavery Economy When Act Of Slavery After Abolishment Is A Crime.

75. A Government Without Theories, Mandate And Integrity Is Unable To Lead His Nation With Fairness And Sincerity; As With No Theories, You Have No Principles Andis Without Principles, You Lack The |Dciplines And This Automatically Makes Your Government An Outlaw Nation. 76. The Wrath Of Justice Will No Longer Allow Leadership Insanity To Kill, Wreck, Destroy, Neglect, Dehumanize Or Undermine Man.

77. Oppressive Injustice Has Denied Men The Sanity To Be Humans And Has Made Man Live In An Unreal World And As Such Man Has Been Inhuman To Man. 78. Fear Not People Of The Commonwealth Because You Have Suffered Greatly And You Will Suffer No More. 79. Democracy In Britain Has Be Wrongly Interpreted, So Parliamentarians And MPs Make Alien Laws To Oppress Those They Govern. Who Do You Think You Are As A Government To Control The Stake Of Authority Like Your Father’s Vinyard?

80. All Government Of The World Must Disband. They Must And They Will Disband Because Humanity Has Suffered A Lot. 81. All The Governments Are To Sit Up As The Powers Of Legalized Despotism Has No Status Quo In The 21st Century. 82. Leaders In Power Utilizes Nation’s Accessories Without knowing The Value In Their Greed And People Vetted Into Office Are Out To Deform Each Other’s Character Using Junta Politics.

83. The Shanks Of Government Are To Be Debugged. I Command All Men To Stand Against Human Degradation. 84. The European Union (EU) Plays Radicalism With Deceit Diplomacy. The EU Are Dreadful As They Feel Supremacy Is A Gift Owed To Justify Their Quest For Leadership To Rule The World. 85. Who Do You Think You Are As A Government To Run The Stake Of Authority Like Your Father’s Vineyard. 86. A Government Without Theories Which Are His Veto Of Mandate Is Unable To Lead His People With Fairness And Sincerity.

87. The United Kingdom Government in Receipt of Royalties Payment from Commonwealth Counties Is Evidential That Appraisal from the Nations of the Commonwealth has been consented and that mandate depowers the United Kingdom Government from initiation of Alien laws on the Citizens from the Commonwealth Nation. 88. Policies cannot override the Treaty Bond the United Kingdom signed with her Commonwealth Nations and hence Commonwealth Nations Government has consented Appraisal to the United Kingdom Government through Royalty Payment which is still being consented till date then the Treaty Bond must stand.

89. Every Man Has Been Accorded His Free Will Liberty From The day The Law Of Magna Carta was signed on the 12th June 1215. 90. Every Man Has A Birth Rights As Citizens Of A Country Born In The Land Of The World. 91. The Nomination Of A President Or Governor Who Has No Theory, No Logic, No Principles And No Discipline Is A Casterstrophy Waiting To Destroy That Nation Because Politics And Governance Is Knowledge With Intellectualism.

92. G o v e r n m e n t A n d G o v e r n a n c e O f Commonwealth Countries Have Been Hijacked By Men Who Practice Vain Politics. 93. Democracy For The People Is Leadership Born With Illiteracy. 94. I Send The World On A Mission, Human Insanity Will No Longer Be Tolerated, Condone Or Accepted. 95. Politics Is The Only School With No Academy And Now Is The Time To Enforce The Act Of Politics As The Best Solution That Will Breed Leaders Who Will Not Fall Fowl Of A Wise Man Deceit To Give Rubbles And Claim Gold.

96. When A Government Is Outlaw Than They Operate A Regime In Terror. 97. Rivalry Hunt FierceThis Is A Showmanship Stunt In Politics When A Plot By Opposition To Bring Down The Ruling Government Fails. 98. Nigerian Nation Uprise For Freedom, It Is A Turmoil And It Must Be Turmoiled. 99. Man Must Meet Man At A Centre Where Leadership Sees No Barriers And Bill Of Citizens Equality Right Is A Mandate. 100. Parliament Is A House Full With Politicians Who Are Illiterates By The Rule Of Democracy Because Their Knowledge Of Leadership Is Voice For Noise

101. Politics And Government Is Knowledge With Intellectualism. 102. Sovereignty Is The Will To Decide Your Destiny Upon Yourself. 103. All Government Are To Sit Up As The Power Of Legalized Despotism Has No Status Quo In The 21st Century. 104. The True Meaning Of Democracy Is Government Of The People By Solidarity Union To Enforce Leadership For The People.

105. The Act Of Politics Is An Academy Cathedral Were Citizens Who Have Views For Governance With Interest In Leadership Can Be Nurture For Leadership Just The Way Monarchs Are Nurtured For The Throne. 106. Governments In Your Assemblies, All Alien Laws (Meaning Laws That Makes No Sense) Must Be Reviewed And Revoked Under A Must Mandate.

107. Death Of Constitution And Enforcement Of The Bill Of Politics. 108. Vain Politics Is Politics Played By Opposition When Their Greed For Power Overrides Their Passion. 109. Rivalry Hunt Fierce Is Weaponry Low Esteem Spirited In Men Failed Vision And Dreams, This Actions Suffice When Politicians Suffers From Psychosis And The Public Buys To Their Insanity To Run A Whole Nation Like Their Neighborhood Watch. 110. Act Of Politics Is Leadership With A Vision, Train For The Purpose, Train For The Service And Train For Leadership

111. Democracy Is Dead And Has To Be Buried. 112. Freedom Is The Peoples Free Will Liberty and Hence The Law Of Magna Carta gave the British Citizens As A People Their Independence, Then That Free Will Liberty must be automatically accorded to all Commonwealth Countries Citizens under the Banner of the Commonwealth Nations within the Commonwealth Heads Of Governments Inaugural Assembly.

113. Law of Magna Carta 1215 must be r e a w a k e n e d b y U n i t e d K i n g d o m Parliamentarians, hence advised to stop instigation of Equality Bills overriding Freedom in a Globalized Economy or failure will ensued Anarchy. 114. The Globalized Trading Reward Resources of Countries gains amongst each other is t h e r e a s o n w h y C o u nt r i e s a r e i n International Relationship through the formation of Commonwealth Embassies and Non-Commonwealth Embassies And Consulates set up their Government Offices Abroad In Countries Of independent sovereignty.

115. United Kingdom Government must observe Protocol and respect Citizens from the Commonwealth Countries and duly allowed and accord their recognition with free rights of moderation without restrictions of Freedom to travel within all Nations of the Commonwealth. 116. Government Of Who Abuses Citizens should know There Are Retributions In Repercussions For Dehumanization Of Humanity, Will Karma Mountain, Sea, Land, Air, Wind And Planets To Unleash turmoil On In destabilization of your Reign by Natures’ Wrath.

117. Immigration Is A Hate Crime Of A Corrupt Justice, An Oppressive Injustice, A Legalized Despotism, Crown Servant Outlawtism, An Abuse Of The Law Of Ethical Justice, Mediocrity And Hate Crime, An Abuse Of Human Rights And Civil Liberties And Breached Of The Law Of Magna Carta. 118. Asia, Africa, and Caribbean are regarded as Third World Countries because they hallowed in Primitives and failed to Civilize their People as a result riddled in Poverty as their Education lacked mechanism of self-discovery, reasons that their Colonial Master failed to give them working Statues to Power their Democracy now at destruction of her People.

119. DEMOCRACY Is Not Government Of The People By The People And For The People? This Definition Is A Tautology. 120. This Is 21st Century Junta Politics Should Not Be Permitted. The Opposition Quest For Power Using Junta Politics Is Not For The Interest Of Any Government. 121. As your Teacher of Mythology, I am here to guide the World so as to avert the Anarchy of Nations Uprise Against Their Government and stop the battle of Armageddon waiting to destroy all Nations of the Commonwealth in my prediction 50 to 80 years from today.

122. Politics Is Dead And The Rebirth Is The Act Of Politics. 123. Total Freedom From Human Degradation, Oppressive Injustice and Human Rights Enslavement must be abolished and Freedom of Trade, Free Movement, Travel Without Restriction and Social Integration is must exploration and a mandate consent to every man either Visitor, Foreigner, Slave and Disable without deliberation or debate.

124. Total Freedom From Human Degradation, Oppressive Injustice and Human Rights Enslavement must be abolished and Freedom of Trade, Free Movement, Travel Without Restriction and Social Integration is must exploration and a mandate consent to every man either Visitor, Foreigner, Slave and Disable without deliberation or debate.

125. Failure for every Country to consent to the Will Of Magna Carta a Man Free Will Liberty because a Criminal Offense. 126. Welcome To Future Of The 21st Century The Will Of Magna Carta Is Back To Life So No Government of the World Is Allowed To Compromise The Peoples External Liberation For Grains And Ruins. 127. For Any Government Of Any Country Who Abuses Their Citizens should know There Are Retributions, There Will Be Retribution And Repercussions As Your Actions To Dehumanize Your People And Your Citizens Will Karma The Mountain, The Sea, The Land, The Air, The Wind And All Planet Of The World To Unleashes Their Vengeance Upon Your Country And This Is The Reason Natures Wrath Cannot Be Controlled. 128. All Government Of Every Nation Must Settle All People Of Their Land Their Nature Birth Rights.
129. ‘ACT OF POLITICS’ To Replace ‘DEMOCRACY’ ‘BILL OF POLITICS’ To Replace ‘CONSTITUTION’. 130. JUNTA POLITICS Junta Politics Is A Guerilla Tactics Politics When You Wrestle Your Opposition By Weakening Their Politics At The Expense Of Your Greed. 131. A Government Without Theories Which Are His Veto Of Mandate Is Unable To Lead His People With Fairness And Sincerity. 132. Government And Politics Are Ghostly Operations As You As Citizens Can Hardly Understand The Bureaucracy.

133. The Money Of Every Country Belongs Not To The Government Rather It Belongs To The People Of The Country. 134. The Government Of A Country Owes Their Citizens A Duty Of Care And As Such The Government Responsibilities Of Care To The People Is A Must Mandate. 135. The God Of Vengeance Is Waiting To Fight The God Of Poverty And The Spirit Of Vengeance Is Waiting To War The Spirit Of Poverty.

136. We All As A Race Must Be Very Careful As The Creation Of The World And All The Gods And Main God, Obey And Observe Their Individual Doctrines.The World Belongs To No One!!! 137. Parliament Is A House Full With Politicians Who Are Illiterates By The Rule Of Democracy Because Their Knowledge Of Leadership Is Voice For Noise.

138. Your Eternal Visitation To Life On Earth By Birth and Your Eternal Liberation From Earth By Death After Departure From The World Is Evidence That Before Your Birth On Earth The World Awaited Your Coming And After Your Death On Earth The After World will also be Expecting Your Return.

139. Any Leader Or Government Who Denies The People Access To Money And To Free Basic Infrastructure At The Expense Of Running Government As His Father’s Vine Yard, That Government Is Mentally Unwell. 140. Any Country That Appoints A Candidate For Presidency, Governorship, Prime Minister Or Mp Because He Has Money, Then You Have Just Shot Yourself On The Foot And Your Economy Will Suffer Stagnancy And Drain In Poverty. 141. Leadership And Governance Is Knowledge By Trade And Investment.

142. Social Security is a mandate decreed by the UDHR Treaty of 1948, an enforcement for Social Justice commiseration without restricting Man from Life Basic Infrastructures or Government in denial will be disband by DEMISE of DEMOCRACY an Act of CONSTITUTION.

143. Police Commissioner, I have serious worries that you could be stripped of your Honours because you allowed Injustice to be orchestrated on the Citizens from the Nations of Commonwealth. As the Head of the Metropolitan Police, this will mean Citizens Safeguard is of Paramount, Race Not To Be Discriminated, Equality An Acceptable Motto and Segregation To Be Stamped Out.

144. The Police Institution is the executor of Justice and Enforcement, yet the deaths of Commonwealth Citizens being buried in unmarked graves have been silent to the People and not even dead Victims’ families knows their Children assailant. 145. PM David Cameron continual extortion of Immigration Allotment is the reason Immigration Officers are committing Stormtroopers Crimes. How could Britain’s Civilization be Mocked? W hy will Immigration Enforcers become Bandits? They break homes daily with Fake warrants, they destroy Commonwealth Citizens Properties, they Vandalize their Homes, Arresting them like Criminals, Harassing them and Kidnapping them at Train and Bus Stations

146. Police Commissioner, Crimes by Coercion is Obstruction of Justice, this is not Britain we Hail. Police Officers witnessed Homes of Coloured People being broken down, yet they applaud the Tyranny. Sadly, the Police Force needs serious mind Civilization, hence they are Abusers of Law by Reckless Brutality.

147. Britain still regard Commonwealth Citizens as Slaves but the lowest of the White People are spoken about on TV and Media over the slightest matters, but over Five Thousand (5000) Deaths caused by Immigration Bandit are covered up by your Officers and the Metropolitan Police Institution has failed these People of Coloured in generality.

148. Britain Metropolitan Police actions depicts denial of responsibilities in that Coloured People lives means nothing and not worthy of the State Police time, yet Coloured Officers are employed in pretence to welcome their Race in workforce; Only if they know they are just Puppets, no Coloured Officers will take up Police Job Offers, if they have principles. 149. The Police Force will agree that the ruling Government has gone Mad, starting with the Speech of Mr. Enoch Powel on the 20th April

1968. Mr. Enoch Powell Plot of Commonwealth Peoples destruction as a Conservative Government in their Klu Klux Klan Assembly crafted Today’s destruction Operational Code Name called Rivers Of Blood Speech. 150. United Kingdom Monarchical Government is in shame as Queen Elizabeth II failed her Oath of Coronation in 1953 declared to Protect these People of Coloured.

151. The Metropolitan Police Institution illicitly allowed insane actions from Immigration Enforcement Officers to function as replica of Hiltler and Nazis Stormtroopers who killed Fifty Million (15,000,000) Jews. 152. The Police Commissioner has Authority not to enforce Hate Crimes Legislations, because Injustice Law promulgation can be halt if your Office is Principled and Logical to the Truth when it contravenes the Rules.

153. Sir Benard Hogan – Howe (Police Commissioner ), you have relegated Truth as garbage and allowed David Cameron’s leadership, dump, deaf and blind your Authority. Why have you allowed yourself to swim in a shallow pond meant for Catfish, but the real you is a Shark to swim in a Sea water but corrupted in Political Appointment an Eyebite of your Office. 154. Principality is the Will Power to be yourself.

155. Parliament Are Powered By The British Bill Of Rights 1686 And Same Confers To The British People And Her Commonwealth. The Peoples Bill Of Will Uncompromisable Must Stand As Enthroned By The Definition Of Constitution. 156. Police Commissioner, the Truth not in denial is United Kingdom will lose her Sovereignty in the 3rd World War 40 years from today by 2055. If you forgot Political Mythology, you will not let history hide the Truth from the Future generation the 2nd World War of 1937, United Kingdom nor her Monarchy will not exist today.

157. The Police Institution allowing the ruling Politicians to copy a Fascist style of German Government of 1937 will destroy the British People. 158. Constitution Strictly Defines Her Practice, The Abrasive Conservative Government Has Contravened The Practice Act, Rather In Their Authoritarianism, H a v e Institutionalised Britain To A Serious Confraternised State.

159. Sir Bernard Hogan – Howe (Police Commissioner), how could Britain allowed Men in Government confraternise Freedom of Broadcast that could influence Legislation, that dictate the Will of good governance preposition, because we cannot Rule the People in Blind and we cannot deny the People Sight. 160. Police Commissioner, your Officers must check themselves without doubt, they have failed their Strangers unequivocally and your Land, their Settlement, their Land, Your Settlement is at brink of destruction.

161. Human Race Has The Power To Enact Love Energy To Accept Different Race With Oneness And Love. 162. Law Of Magna Carta Is Broken And The Consequences Of Retribution Must Be Averted As The Dice Has Been Cast And Denial Is Not An Option For The Threat Of Karma Not To Hunt Great Britain And Her Territories.

163. The Governments Are The Offenders And Not The Criminals; Because Out Of Slavering Their Economy And Creating Alien Laws Is Why The Citizens They Govern In Their Quest To Achieve Their Gain Of Sustenance Of Social Integration In An Unreal World Created For Them By Their Governments Has Made Them To Be Criminals. 164. Democracy Is Not The Rule Of Law In Favour Of The People, Rather It Is Conceptualise By Power Greed From Oridnary Citizens Of All Nations To Unleash Their Ideas Either Vague Or Porous.

165. The Whom And The Whose Are Equal By Creation And If The Whom Allow The Whose Their Share Of Equality, Then The Exemplify Human In Their Acceptance Of Obedience Becomes Commandable And The Conscience Of The Whom Must Allow Liberalism Stem Its Purity On Autocracy. 166. The United Kingdom Banks beckoning their actions on Commonwealth Citizens inability to prove their Identity when their Visas expires, protocoling their Accounts’ closure is an act to alienate their Rights, injustice a derailment of Tyranny by Legalized Despotism.

167. The British Banks for the past 25 years have enshrined their Institution in disguise of Legislative Policies denying Commonwealth Citizens Rights of Treaty as compelled by the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 rather respecting the European Convention Of Human Rights (ECHR) 1950, a 40 Years Bond revoked on the 24/06/2016; Shame on Injustice is apology to Victims of Injustice the Victims of Legislative Policies of Hate Crime Bills.

168. UK Banks must be careful as Politics a Turmoil of Men’s Insanity to changing the Rules when the Policies prescribe not will result to Banks closure as the Inscription of Policies cannot relegate the Legislation Decree of Static, possibility the Banks could lose their License as Merchants if facts emerges they partook in Injustice caused on Citizens of Commonwealth through accepting illogical Policies created by Politicians to segregate the Coloured Peoples’ Right.

169. If the UK Banks within 14 days fail to come to term with reality and resolution mandate that a criminal like PM David Cameron who they admired had coerced then to betray the Commonwealth Peoples Money patronage of Security, rather Banks’ monstrosity to suppress them under the Rules of European Union over the Treaty of Britain and her Commonwealth, my Party will legalize a Pursuit for Commonwealth Citizens Compensation of Financial Concierge.

170. What You See Is Not What You See. 171. The Eyes That Sees The Wind Cries With The Wind. 172. The Conservative Party intentionally denied the People of Commonwealth Residence Permits in Sham enshrined Immigration Legislations, then the Bank should find their Box of Shame and stand independent of Politics for Peoples Money and Political Policies will always be in contravention.

173. The Commonwealth Writ of Justice is now being enforced by The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) and the Banks must release aforesaid Monies frozen in a coercion of Legislative Confraternity by Conservative Party to depower Coloured Peoples Civilization Enrichment. 174. What Goes In A Man’s Mind Is A Fake Reflection Of His Action, As His Actions Does Not Depict His Mind.

175. United Kingdom Banks closure of Commonwealth Peoples Accounts or Seizure of their Monies as a result of clumsy excuses is a Criminal Offense and contravenes Equality Act 2010, (C.15), Part 2, Chapter 1 Section 9 and the Race Relations 1976.

176. Governments Of Countries Should Stop Being An Oppressionist, Imprisonist And Jailer, Henceforth know Humans Are Vulnerable In Service Of Government Managers, Police, Immigration, Army And Crown Servants Must Make Their Office an Altar to Protect Man. 177. Shame Upon You Government Of The Commonwealth Countries, Shame On You For Making Your Citizens Suffer, Shame On Government Of Any Countries Of The World That Initiates Alien Laws.

178. The Death Of Human Being Will Anger Nature, Because It Could Have Been Averted If Not Natures’ Invitation That A Man Should Die Rather A Man Has Died In The Hands Of Another Man In Foolishness. 179. Governments of Africa, Asia, Caribbean And Middle East; Why Do You Slave Your Economy, Why Do You Labour Your People, Why Do You Starve Your Economy Of Money, Why Have You Failed To Dignify Your People, Why Do You Watch Your People Leave Home To Travel Abroad Because You Fail To Sustain Them.

180. Is It A Curse On The Countries Of Commonwealth Apart From Canada, Australia, United Kingdom And United States of America To Welcome Civilisation And Allow The People Ruled by the Governments To Live Like Humans. 181. The Government Who Denies Citizens Basic Infrastructures, Free Health Care, Freedom To Travel That Government Is Mentally Unwell And Should Expect The Vengeance Of Nature.

182. Why Should A Nation Not Pay Social Security? Why Should The Governments Of The Countries Of The Commonwealth Love For Themselves Overrides The Will To Help Their Citizens? 183. Party Bureaucracy To Segregate Persons By Colour, Race And Language Is An Obscenity. Shame It Out. 184. Government In Breach Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Convention 1948 Is Committing A Confederalism Crime. 185. The Segregation Of Persons’ With Rights Of Sovereignty Is A Hate Crime. 186. The Detention Of Commonwealth Citizens In Immigration Camp Is A Criminal Offense And An Act To Depower Coloured People Civilization Enrichment.

187. Hate Crime Bills And Laws Are Legalized Despotism; Stamp It Out. 188. The Law Of Magna Carta Is A Treaty Enforceable By The Ruling And Non-Ruling Party. 189. Article 9, “No Man Shall Be Exile Or Deported” and Article 13 and Article 15 Of UDHR 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable.

190. Crown Servants In Contravention with the UDHR 1948, Who Partake In Discrimination And Hate Crime Bill Is An Enemy Of The State, A Commonwealth Racist, An Inciter Of Hate Crime And A Committal Of Treason. 191. When Economy is Poverty riddle, it lacks supply of money and job creation, it undermined the culture of expert learning to be graduate with intention to work as maters of discipline.

192. Any Government who imprisoned Citizens for committing Crimes of Robbery, Possession of Drugs, Hostage Taking, Kidnap is themselves the problems by name Government without foundation running the stakes of Authority Will result to the Citizens being drawn in a Shallow Pool. 193. The Society Is Ill Because Government Abnormality Is Masses Acceptable Norms Their Lust Desires Inviting Self-Destruction 194.

I Shall Not Die, Till All Men Born Of Women Regain Their Freedom. 195. A Country That Lacks Ability To Utilize Their Citizens And Lacks Job Creation, Hits With Inflations And Having Their Citizens Travel Abroad Is Because It Lacked Provisions To Sustain Their Citizens By Empowerment Through Job Creation. 196. The Government Is Not Allowed To Terrorize The Citizen And The People.

197. The People Should Not Fear Their Government. 198. The Constitution Is A Principle Of Doctrine Based On Formulated Theories To Control The Government. 199. T h e G ove r n m e nt C a n n o t Use T h e Constitution As A Weapon To Jeopardies The Peoples Free Will Liberty. 200.The People Are A Rat Race And The Government Are A Quantity. How Possible Is It That A Unit Can Oust A Battalion.

201. I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas declared that Before My Death and Until My Death, I Will Assist Countries To Fill In Missing Puzzles In Constitutional Law Which Omitted Provisions Of Disciplinary Conduct Replaced It With Immunity Clause And This Is Why Today The Governments And Crown Servants In Nations Are Outlaws.

202.Any Government Of The Countries Of The World Who have ever Initiated Alien Laws In the Past And Present, Are All Crazy And Mentally Unwell. 203.I Sow This Seed Of Noble Wisdom In Your Life For The Oppressed And The Oppressor To Know Their Limitations, Interest And Goals For The Nation To Reward Its Bountiful Harvest In The Life Of Man.

204.All Who Read My Noble Teachings And Adhere To These Teaching Will Have Eternal Liberty I Seal My Blessings Unto Your Life For Eternal Liberation As A People And A Nation. “So Be It Truly And So Shall It Be”. 205.Governments Of Countries Of The World Should Trade Carefully With Their Citizens And Stop Being An Oppressionist, Imprisonist And Jailer. 206.The Government Should Know If The Fullness Of Quest For Stability Is Given Unto Their Citizens, It Will Be A World Of Paradise On Earth Just As The Bible Says Adam And Eve Lived In The Garden Of Eden.

207. Every Man Has A Birth Right As Citizen Of A Country Born In The Land Of The World. 208.The Ark And Act Of Justice Is A Sacred Cult To Uphold Justice For The Land In Consequence If A Man Dares Its Orders. 209.The Law Is The Commandment Orders Of The Forefathers (Heroes, Great, Nobody And Somebody)

210. I f A l l Basic H u m a n R i g h t s A n d Infrastructures Are In Place And No More Poverty Degrades A Man’s Ego, A Man Will Be Willing To Serve His Nation With All Submissions. 211. The Resources Of Every Nation Belong To The Citizens Of The Country Just As The Wealth Of Parents Is An Inheritance Of Their Children. 212. To Be Placed As The Head Of Government Of The People Does Not Make The Government Of Any Nation More Important Than Their Citizens.

213. Government And Governance Needs Men With Noble Conscience And Not Men Of Greed. 214. Now Is The Time For Democratic Governance To Excel From Podium And Deploy Its Stem To The Marginalized Where The Human Ruins And The Poorest Concentrate. 215. DIE NO MORE!!! Though death the wickedness of Nature cannot be averted, But fear not The Death Is A Beginning Of A New Life From Tiredness As A Person To Rest In Eternity.

216. The Government Owes Their Citizens A Duty Of Care To Sustain Their Hope, Sustain Their Future, Sustain Their Life, Sustain Their World, Create A Labour Force And Reward Their Commitment To Nation Building. 217. All Odds Must Be Deferred To Oust Any Government Who Operates A Slavery Economy As This Will No Longer Be Constitutional Affairs As The People Have The Powers To Take Over Their Own Affairs From That Government.
218. Any Leader Who Is Not Intelligent Is Bound To Perform Badly In The Hall Of Man Versus Man Where The Leaders Of The World Gather To Show Their Countries’ Pride By Their Reasoning Of Intellectualism. 219. As A Government, Your Compassion Is To Put Your Citizens First And Their Bellies Should Be Paramount And Must Supersede Your Crave For Wealth.

220.Democracy is a Government run by People from ordinary Homes with no Royal Lineage, that is to say you are not from a Royal Family and that will mean ‘WHO THEN DO YOU THINK YOU ARE’ to take upon you the Ordinance Statute of the Nation and run it like your Father’s Vine Yard. 221. Freedom Is The Rights Of The People And The Citizens And The Barrier Negating Commonality Between The Poor And Rich Must Be Prohibited To Mandate The Bill Of Citizens Equality Rights.

222. When A Country Suffers Economic Inflation It Simply Means Any Country With High Rate Of Inflation Is A Country Lacking Leader With Expertise. 223. The Countries Who Demand Lacks Man Power Technolog y As A Result Of Primitiveness For Under Utilising Their C i t i z e n s B e c a u s e T h e C o u n t r y ’ s Government Lacks Intellectualism In Creative Ability Of Technology And Invention.

224. A Country’s Government That Governs Without The Slight Knowledge Of Commerce And Industry Will Slave The Nation’s Economy To An Economic Ruin. 225. The Head of State Who Lack Skill And Intellectualism Will Disgrace His Country, N o t U n a b l e T o A d v a n c e h e r T o Development Because Lack Of Insight in Politics and Governance hinders his ability to Compete With Countries In Economy Equilibrium.

226.IF YOU CHOOSE AN ILLITERATE AS YOUR LEADER, This Means You Have Bestowed The Responsibilities Of Authority For Him To Be Your Advocate In The World Market Where Leaders Meet In Summit And Conference To Decide Each Others Country’s Future. 227. Failure to nominate an intellectual Head of State will mean, you have failed your Economy and hinged your Forecast on a Ghostly riddled Land of Poverty.

228. Countries Measurement Of Power Status Is By Currency Conversion Factor Through Evaluation Of Countries Who Produce, Demand And Countries Who Supply. 229. It Is Not The Action Of A Man That Depicts Realness, It Is The Reason For The Action, It Is The Purpose Of The Action, It Is The Mind Of The Man, It Is What Goes On In The Mind Of The Man.

230.Any Government Whose Taxation Is High On Their Citizens Is Running A Slavery Economy; If Not Why Will A Government Tax Business Owners And Employees So Much Money They Have Profited From Hard Work. 231. Truth Is That Excessive Taxation Of A Government Reform Is An Act Of Stealing From The Citizens And Such Government Is A Government Bandit And Very Dangerous.

232. The People Must, Should And From Today Henceforth Never Again Fear The Government. DESPOTISM WILL NOT GROW ITS STEM IN THE LAND AGAIN. 233. WHEN A GOVERNMENT IS OUTLAW THEN THEY OPERATE A REGIME IN TERROR, They Terrorise Their Citizens By Victimization, Cause Mayhem At Election, Rig The Vote And Get Into Power By Force.

234. Who Am I ? I Am The Goddess Of Love Born To Save The World Man’s Oppression Against Man Is Injustice, Man’s Love For Animal Is Priceless, Then The Arcade Of Hatred Must Be Conquered. 235. If People must die for you to be in Power, then you are in trouble with the Law of Ethical Justice. 236.If an illiterate can rule you because he is rich, that Country have no vision not see Prosperity dividend of but sink in poverty and the citizens will rot in starvation because it ]will be an economy riddled with inflation.

237. AMNESTY Is Man Justice for the Man you are about to kill in Foolishness, the Man you are about to Incarcerate like an Animal, the Man you have denied Money, the Man you have denied Job, the Man you have jailed for carrying Drugs, the Man you have Imprison, Abandon, and Forgotten has done you no Wrong. 238. I Cry, Because You Are Innocent Of Your Future Misfortune 239. Every Man has been born free from the day the Law of Magna Carta was signed. 240.The Price of Freedom For Citizens of The Countries of Commonwealth has been paid for by King John in the year 1215.

241. A World free of Human Degradation, Freedom for Man, Justice for Man, Liberation, Man’s Dignity with Honour, Man’s Rights to Social Securities and Social Amenities, Government Sustainability for Man’s Bedrock, Eradication of Government Insanity of Oppressive Injustice, Elimination of Alien Laws, Human Empowerment, Human Social Dependency on the Government and a Price paid for Human Value.
242. Every year henceforth, Will Yield Goodness F o r You, Your Will And in Your Determination to Survive As a Person, As a Subject, As An Asset, As A Worth, As a Value and in your Light of Honours. 243. I Laugh, Because The Riches Greed Knows No Boundary. 244. Fear not because you have suffered greatly and you will suffer no more!!!

245. Be Free At Last All Citizens Of The Commonwealth And People Of The World !!! It Is Your Right, Your Will, Your Privileges As Your Eternal Liberation Has Been Ordained Upon You, Living In You, Being Part Of You, But You Know Not. 246. It is not late to Reset the Time though many have died but the living will Pave the Way for the Next Generation not to Suffer Tomorrow. 247. WHO AM I I Am The Mother Of World Peace The Messenger Of Truth The Angel Of Hope And The Goddess Of Love

248. Everyman Has To Talk Nonsense Because Their Thoughts Reverie Mysteries And Their Minds Imagine Delusions Which Is The Birth Of Today’s Greatness That Conquers Science. 249. Men and Women should create and build the Banners that carr y the Noble Statement, ‘the Law of Legal Compromise’ which ethical definition simply means ‘DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU’.

250.Man’s stability is to be self-sufficient, ‘Give him Job’, ‘Pay his Effort’, Dignify his Commitment to Service and his Nation will Shame not. 251. Will Of Magna Carta Has Been Broken And Magna Carta The Law Of Man’s Free Will Liberty To Be Free Has Been Breached And The God’s Of The World Must Be Appeased To Forgive His Sons Of Rulership.

252. Oppressive Injustice Has Denied Man The Sanity To Be Humans And Has Made Man Live In An Unreal World And As Such Man Has Been Inhuman To Man. 253. Government Of Who Abuses Citizens, There Will Be Retribution And Repercussions As Actions To Dehumanise Citizens Will Karma The Mountain, Sea, Land, Air, Wind And Planet To Unleashes Vengeance Upon On Country And This Is The Reason Natures Wrath Cannot Be Controlled.

254. Laws of Humans Epitomy And Spirits Of Nobility Is Back To Life And Man’s Free Will Liberty and Freedom from Oppresive Injustice and the Blind Jury Is No Longer allowed 255. Nature is Very Dangerous and the Wrath of Nature will unleash on Government of Countries who are in denial of their Functionaries and Responsibilities.

256.As Heads Of Government, you must know now that equally your Soul, Spirit and afterlife is also at the mercy of Nature the MYSTERY that knocks on your door when your time to die is due. 257. GOVERNMENT AND GOVERNANCE NEEDS MEN WITH NOBLE CONSCIENCE AND NOT MEN OF GREED: 258. Nature Is Unfair To Have Created Some Educated And Some Illiterates. 259. Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Predators And To Make Some Preys.

260.Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Rich And To Make Some Poor. 261. The Federalism Of The Commonwealth Union Goals Must Be Upheld. 262. The Government Obscenity And Legalized Despotism Undermines Legislative Integrity And The Status Quo Of Law. 263. The Adherence Of The Universal Declaration Of 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable A n d Commonwealth Government Disobedient Is Obscenity.

264.The United Kingdom Ruling Government Disregardment To The Commonwealth Treaty Is A Violation Of The Commonwealth Nation Sovereignty Act. 265.Any One Seen To Be Engaging In Criticizing Commonwealth Citizens Rig hts Of Residence In The United Kingdom Is An Enemy Of The British Ancient Rights And An Extremist Of The Law Of Magna Carta.

266.In Recognitions Of Rights, All Are Born Free. 267. Government Who Execute Hate Crime Laws Is An Enemy Of The People. The Commonwealth Citizens Social Integration In The World International Relations Is A Justice Mandate And Any Hate Crime Pursuit To Oust Commonwealth Citizens Through Segregation Bills Must Not Be Condone By Any Commonwealth Government.

268.The Commonwealth Treaty Compels Commonwealth Nations To Observe Royal Reward To United Kingdom Monarch And Government; Hence Detention And Deportation Of Commonwealth Citizens From The United Kingdom Breaches Article 9, 13, And 15 Of The UDHR 1948 And This Makes United Kingdom A Failed State. 269.The United Kingdom Government From 1962 to 2015 Has Failed Her Federalism Oath Of Treaty With Her Commonwealth Nations; This Breaches Depicts Freedom And Sovereignty Is In Discrepancy.

270. The Commonwealth Nations Must Stand For The Bill Of Citizens Equality Rights Of Their People Or Else Anarchy A New Face Of Change Will Throw The Mud At Reparation And The Commonwealth Citizens Uprise Shall Stand For Itself. 271. Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Black People And To Make Some White People. 272. Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Tall And To Make Some Short. 273. Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Fat And To Make Some Thin.
274. All Nations Of The Commonwealth Are Under Adherence To Observe Legislative Decree And Give Full Premise To The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 As This Supersedes Any Law And Constitutional Hindrance. 275. Commonwealth High Commissions In The UK Must Not, Should Not And Cannot Participate With UK Immigrations On Deportation Bills Regarding Their Citizens Or Failure Becomes A Confederalism Crime.

276. Pursuit Of Justice And Equality Rights For Nations Of Commonwealth And Their Citizens Home And In Diaspora Is A Mandate, Failure Means The Government In Power Lacks Political Mythology And Not Fit To Be A Government. 277. Government Ignorance Of The UDHR 1948 Treaty Is A Government In Ruin And The Lack Of Mythology Means Such Government Is Unfit To Govern. 278. Commonwealth Citizens Rig hts Of Residence In The UK Is Not A Must But A Mandate. 279. Any One Who Deny Commonwealth Citizens Their Rights Of Residence Deserve It Not For Themselves.

280.The Free World Is For All And Sundry. 281. The Mobilization Of A Commonwealth Unity And Their Compliance With The Universal Declaration Of UDHR 1948 Is A Mandate And Their Government Defection From Hate Crime Laws Of Exile And Deportation Of Their Citizens From The United Kingdom Must Not Be Compromise. 282. Commonwealth Nations Government Who Involves With Issuance Of Deportation Certificates Is Committing A Crime And From The 28th September 2015 Must Disengage From Hate Crime Coercion In The Diaspora Or Face The Squad Of Their Citizens Justice Uprise.

283. Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Smart And To Make Some Dull. 284. Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Men And To Make Some Women. 285. Nature is Unfair To Make Some Ugly And To Make Some Beautiful. 286.Nature Is Finally Unfair To Make People Die; Therefore Who Is Nature? Nature Itself Is A Mystery.

287. The Adherence Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable And Commonwealth Government Disobedient Is Obscenity. 288.The Abnormality in Government Logic Adduce from Oppressive Injustice Is an Orchestration of Hate Crimes .

289. The Storm Is Settled And In Peace With Its Foreign Visitor And The Gigantic Greatness Is Now An Amazement To All And Sundry. 290.GOVERNMENT OF COMMONWEALTH NATIONS HEAR ME IN LOUDNESS OF MY VOICE!!! Do what you Love for your Self, your Family And Children And same Compassion must be extended to Citizens you Govern, equally for the Man you call Labourer, Housemaid and a Nobody.

291. CRIMINALS ARE NOT CRIMINAL DEFINITION OF WHO IS A CRIMINAL Are Individuals Who Defer All Odds To Dare The Laws Of The Land Without Fear Of The Anger Of The Land Executionist Salvaging Them To Ruin. 292. Government in Mandate of Service must use Do These Noble Things For Their Citizens As Common Sense Is The Commonest Factor Even Children Knows Who Gives Them Toys Cherishes Them.

293.To Effect Amnesty For Prisoners, Government Must Agree In Their Counsels to Trigger Article 22 of UDHR 1948, Deliberate On Responsibilities For Caring For Their Citizens Which Omens The Birth Of A New Dawn.

294. Government Must Integrate Social Ability Empowerment And Social Dependency Support For Their Citizens. 295.A Man Is Not Guilty For Selling Drugs If The Government Offers Him A Job That Earns Him Income, Definitely He Will Abstain From Selling Drugs.
296.A Man Cannot Be Penalized On Two Fronts For Committing An Offense, Yes Labelled A Criminal, Stigmatised And Alienated From The Society Through Incarceration In Prison Like A Beast, Yes He May Have Committed A Crime Does Not Necessary Make Him A Criminal. 297. Government controls the Economic by Moderating the Podium of Authority, With Power Intoxication believing the People they Govern are Fools.

298. Man failed To Understand The Psychological Mind Of A Prisoner Who Is Not As Wild As A Lion, Yet A Man Like Him Denies His Free Will Liberty, Caged Him Like Animal When Animals That Hunt And Kill Men Are Left Free To Wander In The Jungle.

299.Man Is An Enemy To Himself, If He Can Love Animal With No Brain, Then It Is A Shame To Civilisation The Justice System In Their Assembly Resolute In using Prison To Incarcerate Man. 300.I Tell You This Is Your Season Of Gestation And Your Harvest Is A Bountiful Reward.

301. The Peoples Money when not Fraud or from Proceeds of Crime is their just Rights and no Legislative Confraternity can deny them access to their Resources of Appraisal. ——– Released by By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Media Press Office on the 28/01/2017 In Honour of the Commonwealth Nations and Global World in Generality for Racecourse of Justice.


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